Beauty in Cultures By Halie Kloster

Everybody has a different view on beauty and what they think is beautiful. Just like every culture has a different view on what is beautiful.

In Ethiopia's Karo tribe, women's scares are considered attractive. The practice of self-scarring is a form of adornment cherished by the people of this culture.
Mauritanian women are lauded for gaining weight, to the point that young girls have been sent by their parents to camps where they are forced to eat 15,000 calories a day in an effort to "fatten them up" being bigger makes women here more desirable as wives.
Stretched earlobes are a beauty ideal among the Masai of Kenya, where women piece and elongate their lobes using stones and pieces of elephant tusks. They do this to alter their appearance. Ear stretching may have been performed in various ways within the tribe: sometimes weight was used to elongate ear lobes; other times it was the size of the piercing that brought about the stretching. The Masai people would stretch their piercings by using larger and larger pieces of stone, wood, tusk, thorn and sometimes film canisters.
In Iran, nose jobs are so common and so much of a status symbol, women will often wear their post-surgical bandages longer than needed or create fake bandages to wear when they didn't even actually have the surgery.*&imgrc=ZensuapYgVmjUM


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