The land of the Storm Tigers A land of strange happenings,Chosen people and projeCts...


I was pottering about in my boat when I saw the land of the Storm Tigers. The island had drawn me like a moth to a candle flame. You would be awestruck if you had seen what I saw. When I set foot on the island, I was instantly spellbound. My long trek around this queer island had now begun. I walked to my right toward a distant beach named Carroll Beach. At last, I walked onto this marvellous spectacle, the sand coming into my shoes. I was forced to take them off as the Atlantic Ocean was trying to get the better of them. I looked around at the dunes, the sea, the distant volcano and the orange patch of Carroll beach. It was so amazing. After Carroll Beach, I strode back through the vast King forest. That was when I had an idea to write this guide...

Mount Pratten

Mount Pratten is situated in the Northern side of the island. It is the closest landmark to the Northern tip of the island and is visited by many visitors every day. I was compelled when I saw it and you would be too!

Commercial Rush

Commercial Rush is the island's money making and bartering system. There is not much to say about Commercial Rush except that business thrives and shoppers-including myself-love daydreaming about Mount Pratten!


First of all, Heartlake is the centre of the island, featuring of water from the Atlantic Ocean. Residents travel to the Pacific Ocean to collect water for Heartlake, Which is now overflowing; it's fascinating

. The people should stop doing such deeds-any more then the Nuclear plant, which you will find out about in a minute, will be destroyed by the gushing waters. I think this would be very harmful to this new island and yes, Homer Simpson would have to get up!

The Nuclear Plant

As I have previously mentioned, the Nuclear plant has been in terrible danger: Heartlake is flooding. This power source may not intrigue you, but it did me. All of the land's power originates from here and travels underground towards power-thirsty structures.

Devil's dinner, the deadly volcano

This volcano follows its name. Although infrequently active, it is the worst cause of natural disasters on this quiet island. When I first set my eyes upon it, I saw a big volcano and many tiny creatures which dwell near the foot of the terrifying disaster. No-one knows anything about them, reader, just you and I.

The S Road

I first became suspicious when I passed the Nuclear Plant. The road seemed mounded or built into a weird shape. It seemed like an S, it was an S. A minute later, I saw a sign; built in 1899, a one-of-a-kind road. I was not far from my next stop. It was not a building, nor a sign, but a light.

The Chosen One

A light shone down onto a four-foot stone wall. I figured this would be something regular. I'm sure you would too.

Pratten Boatyard

We will now continue this guide. Pratten Boatyard is another old structure used to store boats. When I went to check on my boat, I heard music coming from the direction of Pratten recording studios. Leaving Pratten Boatyard, I discovered another strange thing...

Landlubber's Beach

Stone steps, which have probably been carved by Sir Andrew Pratten himself, led down to a golden beach full of rocks, crabs and orange sunlight beaming down on the beach. You would love to see the rocks penetrating through the Ocean. Landlubber's beach, although it was small, was amazing; I had to drag myself away.

Clearwater City

Clearwater City is where all residents live. It is populated with around 1,000,000 people. Only Sir Andrew Pratten and his friends live somewhere else. Most of the city's houses are purple or green.

Water Within

Water within is the source of water. All workers who work there are very strong and resilient. Water is pumped from the Atlantic Ocean. About 17.9987678 gallons is pumped every hour.

Pratten Village

Pratten village is the richest place on the island with very high land value. It houses Sir Andrew Pratten and his family and friends. It also has the Tablet Hand Hut and Pratten recording studios. It is only 1/4 of a mile from Storm Tiger forest.

Storm Tiger Forest

Storm Tiger Forest consists of over 1,500 trees. The Storm Tiger tree is situated right in the middle of the forest. When I had finished, I knew it was time to go.

An End

I had enjoyed my brief stay at this fantastical island. Looking back one more time, I sighed. "Goodbye!"

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Andrew Pratten- everything. Daniel Carroll-Carroll Beach. Jake Lawson- Being annoying. Mr O- stuff I didn't do.

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