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What is it ? A 2 hour Yin, Restorative Yoga workshop with education and oils. A safe space, limited to 10 souls at a time. I would rather put more classes on than squeeze people in, I want you to be seen, heard and nurtured. Costs £20 for the workshop.

Why? We are so busy, we have so many demands, it is so hard to not get disconnected to ourselves, our light, what our bodies are saying to us, the world around us. We put so much energy out, this space is about bringing your energy back to you with rituals, practises and community.

We will have time to stop and rest, to take practises that will restore the energy, we will learn about the power of plants our intuition and the old ways which have got buried. I believe we also crave sisterhood, community, a group of like minded people wanting the same things as ourselves. Everything I do recently seems to result in another little high vibe community.

The format:- There will be 1 hour for Education, discussion and self care techniques to take away, and a little oily treat to carry on the healing effects of the workshop. This will vary each month depending upon what we are working on. You will also have practises and reflection to take home, so get a beautiful notebook and pen dedicated just to you.

I work intuitively, reading and responding to what the souls in the class need, so things may change a bit!

This will be followed by an hour of Yin and restorative yoga. Each month we will work using the same shapes, concentrating on opening the heart space, working with the kidney meridians to boost energy and redress the damage we do to ourselves with busy-ness, so that our mind, soul and body gets a chance to heal and come back into balance.

There will be a different focus each month.

We will have a treat and cuppa after to transition into the rest of your night, I will allow 15 minutes for this.

Please note all Sunday classes are 16.30-18.30 and due to demand are repeated on Friday dates these are 19.30-21.30

The different focuses for each month are listed below.

22nd September - Self care rituals and start to learn about the effect that stress has on the hormones - COMPLETED

27th October - Managing stress - COMPLETED

24th November (Sunday) or 3rd January 2020 (Friday)- Balancing emotions, anxiety and moods

19th January (Sunday) or 7th February (Friday) - Toxins (date to be confirmed)

9th February (Sunday) or 6th March (Friday) - Digestion, massively affected by stress, toxins and hormones (date to be confirmed)

8th March (Sunday) or 24th April (Friday) - Sleep, why we don’t sleep well, what happens when we don’t and how to get longer and deeper sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed (date to be confirmed)

26th April (Sunday) or 22nd May- Supporting women's hormones (date to be confirmed)

24th May (Sunday) or 19th June (Friday)- Energy and concentration (date to be confirmed)

What do I need? You will need comfortable clothing, you will need to be able to get up and down off the floor easily, you will need a desire to look after yourself deeper and a sense that you cannot continue to go on how you are. Be ready for wonderful change, but all change is uncomfortable.

Be ready to be in a safe space and be open. We are not going to mess around, we are going to talk deeply and openly.

Who is Karen? If we are going to talk labels, I am a mum of two, married to an amazing man and we have the beautiful rescue dog Soxy. I am vegan, so any treats I provide will be vegan. I am a yoga teacher, life coach, EFT practitioner, Reiki Master, Holistic Therapist, Essential Oil Educator and I have studied shamanic practices. I teach Yin and Hatha yoga and am the founder of bamboo yoga oils life. I am an eternal student so will be an eternal teacher, as I cannot learn all this amazingness and not share it. I have had breast cancer twice and am passionate about getting toxins out of people lives for next generation and the World. I also teach people how to manage stress and be free of their minds and fear in particular, so they can live fully and deeply. We are responsible for ourselves.

I am excited…Lets go…click here to book. Any questions email me bambooyogaoilslife@gmail.com

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See you there xxx


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