The gale was upon him suddenly, savagely, and without warning bringing instant confusion. The Plains of Desolation was no place to be caught unprepared facing a storm that could persist for weeks.


It felt good seeing the village respond so quickly to Her wishes. Another storm approaches. Preparations must be effective this time. A shudder shook Her body as She recalled the carnage of the last ice storm season. But,not since Saskat died had She exhibited such command bearing or enjoyed the resulting signs of respect.


He already knew what it meant to be caught like this in the open. His only choice was to press on towards that barely discernible light in the rapidly fading distance.


Having assured the last of the foragers were back inside the main shelter before the gates were closed and barricaded, She was pleased to see the fires were already stoked and properly banked. All they could do now was hunker down, wait, and pray for the unfortunate souls caught outside in the teeth of the storm.


After a struggle He topped the ridge and was immediately disappointed to discover there was yet another ridge between him and the distant dimming light of salvation. His now dwindling strength and the ferocity of the descending ice-storm dictated an immediate change of plans. His final defensive option is now stark survival.

So, now you question the veracity of my plan? After such a long and lucrative partnership?
Listen, Vincent, of course I trust you. But Veridia is a distant and extraordinarily dangerous place. I don't like the odds.
Yes. Treacherous. You are correct, but I believe your opinion will change when I reveal the profit potential.

Meanwhile ...

The arrival of a certain Reliant Class vessel

This brings back memories. Why here? Why now?

I am greatly displeased with the rumors that abound on this station under my command!

To be continued ...

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