Agriculture Revolution Hailey and Sydney

The First Agricultural Revolution:

11,000 BC/ Humans began to settle into single areas and plant crops and raise animals/ Without sedentary living and agriculture, most societal changes and technological innovations would not of been possible/ Wheat was the first crop grown by humans.

The Second Agricultural Revolution:

17th and 18th centuries/ Humans innovative technology and traded crops/ In the picture it shows and innovation in technology that made farming easier.

The Third Agricultural Revolution:

Began in 1945/ More advanced technology is used for farming and to increase farming yields/In the picture it shows advanced technology

GMO's are genetically modified organisms/ They are changing farming because food can last longer and more can be produced.

Pros of GMO's: Resistance to insects, Tolerance to herbicides, Tolerance for heat, cold, or drought ,Crop yield

Cons of GMO's: Allergies, Antibiotic resistance, Cancer

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