TOUR OF THE HARN MUSEUM By: johndrew ocampo


On the 12th of February, I went with a friend to tour the Harn Museum of Art. I'm not much of an art person, so I had no idea what to expect once I step inside. I have not gone to many museums before so I was not sure what to expect. But I believe that once I toured the museum and viewed the the art work, I had a better understanding about the meaning of the art pieces. Overall, seeing these works of art helped me better understand how artists express their thoughts into their works.

Medium of the art/Technique of the Artist

One work of art that struck me was a piece called the Green Square. When I first saw it, I did not even think that it was an artwork. Seeing it from far away, I thought it was a green box inside a red box. So I ignored it until I decided to take a closer look. Looking at it close up, it had almost an optical illusion type effect. There were lines in the red box that went towards the green box which played tricks on my eyes. The only way to truly experience this artwork is to see it in person. This artwork was designed to play with tensions between flatness and volume as described in the description. This work of art made me feel puzzled but yet sparked my interest as the artwork would look different depending on which angle you view it from and it would also play tricks with your eyes.

The Green Square

Design of the Museum

The museum itself was designed in a very clean fashion, but one place that was really appealing to me was the outdoor garden in the Asian Art wing. The outdoor garden was place that I found to be soothing and relaxing. The garden itself was small but it still contained a sense of peace and calm. The design of the garden seemed close to traditional Asian gardens and I myself have been into Asian gardens when I lived in Japan; going through this garden reminded me of when I used to live in Japan. Once you step into the garden, all that is around you are plants, flowers, natural objects and the light from the sun radiating on to you. All these natural elements made me feel at ease and calm. The way the whole entire garden is created made me feel the calmness of the good life.

The Garden

Art and Core Values

One piece of art that represented core values was a work named untitled. The work is a collection of trash that was molded together to form a ball. I believe that this work represented the core value of responsibility as we have a responsibility to clean up after ourselves and take care of the Earth. This work shows that if we neglect that core value, then trash and pollution would be the direct result. The mold of trash represents the negative result of not taking responsibility for our own actions. When I look at the work of art, I am reminded that any careless actions on my part will result in the direct representation of the art work. The ball of trash is what we should aim to avoid and is only possible through the core value of responsibility.


Art and the Good Life

One set of works of arts that I believe portray the good life in an interesting way is called The Disasters of War. These are a series of drawings that depict the disasters of war such as death and torture. I believe that this portrays the good life of power because what is being depicted in the drawings are the direct effects of those that strive and hunger for massive amounts of power. People who are held in high power will live a good life of conquering and gaining more power. However, the process of gaining more power for yourself and possibly for you nation or community may lead to unneeded side results such as death as portrayed in the drawings. These drawings communicated to me that one person's good life may not be exactly be a good life for another person. It helped me understand the fact that while someone may be enjoying an aspect of life, another person may be suffering as a result.

The Disasters of War


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