Alcoholism NAtive americans

On the book ¨The true diary of a part time Indian " and some article the I read the main problem of the Native Americans is the alcoholism.

In the first article says:

"The sad toll of alcohol-related fatalities touches many reservation families, as do arrest and conviction for vehicular homicide. For the individuals convicted of that offense, incarceration generally means confinement in federal prisons hundreds of miles away from home and family, further exacerbating the pain of cultural loss and grief created by the initial problems of substance abuse and addiction."
"For Native Americans , the circle of the life was broken centuries ago in the initial causes of the substance abuse and healing must focus on the restoration of the hoop."
"As Native people began to incur increasing cultural loss in the next 200 years , drinking became a method of escape form the pain of intergeneration cultural loss , trauma and grief."

On the second article on " Partnership with native americans ¨:

"Take a look at many of the issues afflicting contemporary reservation communities like domestic violence, health disparities, rape/sexual assault, dropout, and suicide. At least one factor at the heart of all these social ills is alcohol."
"Part of the battle against alcohol is doctoring the people who are suffering from, affected by, and at risk of the disease of alcoholism."
"The shame and abuse from historical trauma suffered by Native peoples, and the forced disconnection from culture and heritage, is a perfect setup that can lead to alcohol abuse to ease the pain."

On the three article says :

" Native Americans of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation near Whiteclay, Nebraska, have filed a $500-million lawsuit against beer manufacturers for the devastation that alcohol has wreaked on their community for decades."
"As in many other Native American communities in the U.S. and Canada, alcohol abuse has destroyed the lives of many in the reservation. For example, one-fourth of the tribe's children suffer from fetal disorders related to their parents' alcoholism."
"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did a study on alcoholism among Native Americans which revealed that 66 percent of those who died from alcohol-related causes were younger than 50; more than 68 percent were men."

In conclusion the alcohol is a big problem for the Native Americans, because cause so many disaster for example domestic violence towards their wife/girlfriends or children. Also to many deaths. As you can see on the book , Junior the main characters have to from with the death of his grandmother m his friends and her sister . All this deaths cause the alcohol.


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