Virtual Stressbusters!

In the midst of this incredibly difficult year, the UCLA Library wants to remind you that we're here to support your research AND your de-stressing!

Join us for live, de-stress events!

Healing Space for Black Bruins

  • Hosted by UCLA RISE Center
  • March 8th, Monday of Week 10
  • 10:30-11AM
  • Please fill out this Google form for more information and Zoom link

Virtual Drop-In Meditation

  • Hosted by UCLA MARC
  • March 8th, Monday of Week 10
  • 12:30pm-1pm
  • Zoom Link

Finding Focus From Home: Managing Academic Anxiety

  • Hosted by UCLA RISE Center
  • March 8th, Monday of Week 10
  • 5:15-6:15pm
  • Please fill out this Google Form for more information and Zoom link

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Healing Space

  • Hosted by UCLA RISE Center and Asian Pacific Coalition
  • March 8th, Monday of Week 10
  • 5pm-6pm
  • Please fill out this Google form for more information and the Zoom link

Rejuvenate with RISE: Delight Drop In

  • Hosted by UCLA RISE Center
  • March 9th, Tuesday of Week 10
  • 5:00pm - 5:30pm
  • Zoom link

UCLA Rec Yoga

  • Hosted by UCLA Rec
  • March 10th, Wednesday of Week 10
  • 5:00pm - 5:55pm
  • @uclarec on Instagram

Virtual Drop-In Meditation

  • Hosted by UCLA MARC
  • March 11, Thursday of Week 10
  • 12:30pm-1pm
  • Zoom ID: 943 9425 3771 & Password: 576584

Snack Attack

  • Hosted by UCLA Teaching Kitchen
  • March 11, Thursday of Week 10
  • 12pm-1pm
  • @uclateachingkitchen on Instagram

Virtual Drop-In Meditation

  • Hosted by UCLA MARC
  • March 15th, Monday of Finals Week
  • 12:30pm-1pm
  • Zoom Link

Virtual Drop-In Meditation

  • Hosted by UCLA MARC
  • March 18th, Thursday of Finals Week
  • 12:30pm-1pm
  • Zoom ID: 943 9425 3771 & Password: 576584

Adorable Animals

  • A Squirrels Guide to Success: There are almost 300 species of squirrels that can glide through the air, outwit rattlesnakes, and survive the coldest temperatures of any mammal. Uncover their extraordinary abilities as a filmmaker puts their problem solving to the test.
  • Life is One: The story of three sun bear cubs from Indonesia and their return to the wild as told by the foster parent of these cubs who accompanied them to their independence.
  • The World's Most Wanted Animal: Conservationist Maria Diekmann is travels to Asia to better understand the pangolins, a scaly mammal most people have never heard of.
  • Playful Creatures: Discover how the pastimes of parakeets, marathon-running hamsters, wall-climbing cats, revered rabbits, and Peruvian dogs are just a whisker away from the wild.
  • A Sloth Named Velcro: A story of a young journalist named Ana and a sloth named Velcro.
  • Panda Nursery: Nestled in the mountains of China's Sichuan Province is the Wolong Nature Reserve. Here, forty giant pandas and a dedicated team are playing a crucial role in raising cubs.
  • The Story of Cats: Discover how the first cats arose in the forests of Asia, how they spread across the continent and later came to conquer Africa.

Amazing Animation

  • A Cat in Paris: Dino is a cat that leads a double life. By day he lives with Zoe, a little girl whose mother is a detective. But at night Dino sneaks out the window to work with Nico - a slinky cat burglar with a big heart.
  • Ernest & Celestine: The unlikely friendship between a bear and mouse, beautifully animated.
  • A Letter to Momo: Momo discovers three yokai living in her attic, a trio of mischievous spirit creatures that only she can see and who create mayhem in the tiny seaside community as she tries desperately to keep them hidden.
  • The Secret Life of Pets: For anyone who's ever wondered what pets get up to while their humans are out and about.

Maybe you prefer to dance the stress out?

The UCLA Music Library has created playlists...

to help you dance, energize, reflect, relax, and exercise during finals! We've also created a playlist for children (and everyone else). If you already listened to the Stressbusters playlists from last quarter, have no fear. These are updated all-new jams for your Winter finals season 2021!

Or maybe you're looking for some library ambient sounds?

Are you down to the wire on an assignment and looking for support?

Plus our newest STEM-oriented resources!

UCLA staff and faculty believe in you and they left you some words of encouragement and advice.

Screenshot of the digital notepad with positive affirmations

Color me!

Biomedical Library Special Collections Coloring Pages

Maywill Dudley illustrated several books of fairy tales for Whitman Publishing (Racine, Wisconsin) in the 1930s, as well as two activity books: Let's Read and Paint (1934) and The Toy Shop: a Cut-out Book (1935).

Milton Bradley Company (Springfield, Massachusetts), the longtime publisher of board games and activity books, used a dozen of her illustrations in Health Posters to Color and Study.

Image of two health posters. The one on the left is the cover of the coloring book featuring a cartoon girl brushing a cartoon boy's hair with the words "Health Posters to color and Study, Maxwell Dudley". The poster on the right features two girls, one with a tissue and says "Cover Your Mouth If You Cough - Sneeze"

Library staff want to share their cute pets with you!

Pets of Powell

Look at these cute cuties and let their cuteness melt away your stress!

Photo of a grey and white cat sleeping on a table in front of a computer with a Zoom meeting on it
Photo of tabby cat with slice of bread costume around his neck
Photo of two husky dogs cuddling and looking up at camera from dog bed
Photo of small dog with large ears asleep with tongue sticking out
Photo of black and white Powell Cat asleep with a pink scrunchy around his ears
Photo of tabby cat and calico cat cuddling asleep next to a pillow with a picture of the same cats asleep and cuddling
Photo of a tabby cat asleep underneath a blanket, paw sticking out
Photo of a woman and her dog, both wearing matching green sweaters
Photo of large cat asleep on his back, with his paws in the air
Photo of a corgi with sunglasses on

Escape from Powell Library!

Find your way out of this virtual escape room!

It's the night before the beginning of Finals Week in Powell Library. Even though you're on your third cup of Stressbusters coffee, you can't stop yawning. You're about to break out the Yerba Mate and maybe take a scooter back to the Hill, but your eyelids keep getting heavier and heavier. You figure a nap can't hurt, so you curl up in the nearest chair...

When you wake up, you're alone and the library is dark. Apparently, even the echo of the midnight yell couldn't wake you. Your cell phone and laptop are both dead, and no one is present at the CLICC desk to loan you a charger. You try the doors, but they're locked! The only light in the entire library is the blue glow from the screen of the computer behind the checkout desk.

Get lost (and then find yourself) in a good book!

Broken Places & Outer Spaces: Finding Creativity in the Unexpected by Nnedi Okorafor

From Frida Kahlo to Mary Shelly, she examines great artists and writers who have pushed through their limitations, using hardship to fuel their work. Through these compelling stories and her own, Nnedi reveals a universal truth: What we perceive as limitations have the potential to become our greatest strengths.

The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self Love by Sonya Renee Taylor

How can we learn to love ourselves and create a more compassionate world at the same time? Learn from activist and poet Sonya Renee Taylor.

Work Makes Me Nervous : Overcome Anxiety and Build the Confidence to Succeed by Amy Lemley and Jonathan Berent

Filled with real stories of real people and a 21-day developmental program of practical exercises and effective stress-management techniques, Work Makes Me Nervous lays out a proven therapeutic method for dismantling the wall between you and your ability to excel at work.

Reclaiming the Fire: How Successful People Overcome Burnout by Steven Berglas

How does one deal with encore anxiety, the monotony of having to use talents that are no longer psychologically rewarding? Why is it that our national obsession with wealth traps people in careers that often lead them to wonder, "Is that all there is?"

What Happy People Know by Dan Baker

Research has shown that the root of unhappiness--fear--lies in the oldest, reptilian part of our brains, and negative reactions are often dictated by primal instincts. Dr. Baker uses evidence from the new science of happiness to show us how we can overcome this genetic predisposition toward negative reactions and lead a truly rich, happy, and healthy life.

12 Tiny Things: Simple Ways to Live a More Intentional Life by Heidi Barr & Ellie Roscher

In 12 Tiny Things Ellie Roscher and Heidi Barr journey with us through twelve essential areas of life: space, work, spirituality, food, style, nature, communication, home, sensuality, creativity, learning, and community. In each of these areas, we are invited to take one tiny action that is sure to open up growth and renewal.

Get Momentum: How to Start When You're Stuck by Jason and Jodi Womack

Get Momentum coaches you in the mindset, skill set, and toolkit required to make progress on the items you have on your life and work goals faster and easier, while living a less stressful, more meaningful life.

Stand Out : A Real World Guide to Get Clear, Find Purpose and Become the Boss of Busy by Alison Hill

Stand Out shows you how to stop working so much, and start achieving instead. Everyone is busy, but working harder to do more isn't getting us anywhere. We're overwhelmed, distracted and detached, and our greatest fear is that this will never change. This book is your guide to taking back your life.

How about a game night?

Try out some of our favorite free online games! (Including a game created by our very own librarians!)

Looking for something puzzling? (Besides your homework)

Powell Puzzle Corner

We all miss doing puzzles in the Powell Rotunda, so we've brought you virtual puzzles of some our favorite spots at UCLA to destress!

Or some cool art resources to spark your creativity?

Art Resources Recommended by UCLA Arts Library

Spotlight - Artists on One Work

Or maybe you want to take up a new hobby?

Did you know you have access to a FREE meditation app?

Download the free UCLA Mindful App!

Practice mindfulness meditation anywhere with the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center! Manage stress, reduce anxiety, and cultivate positivity and well being!

Ok, Bruins! You've GOT THIS! Go forth, knock out those finals, and do some SERIOUS de-stressing!

Photo of Powell Library at sunset