What Is Good Food? Good food is Italian. It's has lots of different choices and it tastes good.

Pizza tastes good, is easy so make, and healthy things could be added to it.
Pasta is simple but can have a lot done to it. If made a certain way with certain things it could be healthy.
Corn is used in a lot of foods. It's naturally grown and tastes good.
Strawberries are a type of fruit. They taste good and if you don't eat too much they're good for you too.
Chicken can be made and used for a lot of different things. Chicken wings are one beautiful thing you can do with chicken.
Grilled cheese is easy to make. Has wheat and dairy in it.
Burgers could be cooked on a grill. You can add whatever you want on them to make it more healthy. Has lots of the food pyramid in it.
Everyone deserves desert sometimes just not too much.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can make something simple or go all out with it.


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