Rhinos:) Beau Palmer and Carson Taylor

This Graph conveys the Rhino populations in different locations. Both of these are similar at some points but at the end their population becomes dramatically different.
Rhinos are immigrating to South Africa due to a flood in Zimbabwe. They emigrated form Zimbabwe because of the flood; that destroyed their environment and all their resources that were vital for them to live. Then arrived at South Africa. The population of Rhinos in South Africa is increasing rapidly. This will create high competition for resources leading to the dying off of Rhinos in the near future.
With all the new Rhinos immigrating to South Africa, the birth rates have highly increased because of the availability of new resources.
Because of the rapid immigration of the Zimbabwe Rhinos to South Africa and the overpopulated environment, there have many deaths, decreasing the population of South African Rhinos. Since the majority of the Rhinos died off, there have become lots of resources available for them.
The Rhinos began this graph with slow growth, because the Zimbabwe Rhinos have not immigrated to the African Rhinos environment. But as they emigrate from their environment and head towards the African Rhinos environment, exponential growth happens and then the environment is at its carrying capacity.
Two density dependent- Some of the rhinos die due to a disease that carries through their population and they are also hunted and preyed upon by lions. Because of this their population has been decreasing.
Two Density Independent- Humans have been hunting rhinos for their horns (poaching) which also puts a bad impact on the rhinos population. Also, a large drought occurred in South Africa which caused many of the Rhinos to die off and immigrate to new environments.


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