Life's new look 2017

I am from love,

from laughter and tears.

I am from the concrete hills,

Busy, bustling

it sounded like chaos

I am from the sad old tree,

the weeping willow

whose limbs engulfed me as i lay.

I’m from the music and the loud laugh

from mom, mother, mama.

I’m from the get it done’s,

and do it right’s.

From the be who you want

and do what you love.

I’m from spirit, soul,

and rhythm of heartbeat.

I’m from the concrete hills

of what if’s and why not’s

From the fireworks on rooftops

and sidewalk chalk

of Worcester.

I am from the concrete hills.

On the left of your screen you see a variety of shells captured by me. It is a good example of the rule of thirds because of the position of the shells. Just like the photo on the right, the main object of the picture is located right to the center of the screen.
These three photos represent three views with composition. The composition techniques I used were run-off, rule of thirds, and symmetry
Here you have two pictures of my dog Shadow. To the left is the negative and to the right is the exposed finished photo. I think the exposure process went smoothly. However, there I feel like the ground behind Shadow is over exposed. Overall I enjoy making cyanotypes and using the UV light process. If I were to have done the natural light process I probably would have preferred that over the UV light because I like capturing pictures in natural lighting.
This photo is an example of a tintype created with a digital photographic process. I feel like the hands on tintype process is more artistic and gives more meaning and life to the photo. However, the digital photographic process gives you full control over the photo and what happens to it and it allows you to undo anything you don't like without restarting the process.
dark skies
This is Brandon Shields ayee lmao
Created By
Riley Moen


Created with images by NoiseCollusion - "rule of thirds"

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