International Education Week at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln November 12 - 16, 2018

International Education Week (IEW) is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.

As part of a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education, International Education Week showcases the efforts of programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences in the United States. The annual event also highlights international diversity an promotes the opportunity to experience new cultures.

“This week celebrates our diversity; our intellectual pursuits across borders, languages and perspectives; and our desire to bring people together." - Sonia Feigenbaum, Associate Vice Chancellor for International Engagement & Global Strategies

“To you, who may come to study, work & live in Lincoln, Nebraska; who have crossed the ocean to be here, to chase your dream and to find new adventures: [UNL] is where your dream begins.” – Zifan Kang

“Nebraska is proud to participate in International Education Week 2018. This year, again, we have an impressive lineup of activities that speak to our global fabric.”

- Sonia Feigenbaum, UNL Associate Vice Chancellor for International Engagement & Global Strategies

International Education Week to celebrate global culture, exchange

"Students learned ways to feature their global immersion experiences on their résumés as well as practice telling employers about the skills they gained studying abroad.

Business Career Center and UNL Career Services coaches worked 1-on-1 with students in the Suitcase to Briefcase event on Monday, November 12, during International Education Week."

- @NebraskaBiz on Instagram

“I'm looking forward to International Education Week this year because so many different offices and groups are hosting such different events. I think that international education in all of its forms is so important, and I get really excited when others see the value in it as well.” - Emily Zimmer, ISSO graduate assistant
"Yesterday, @UNL_ISSO hosted the International Scholar Reception in celebration of #IEW2018. We're proud to have more than 3,350 international students and scholars at @unlincoln, from over 130 countries.

It was a great afternoon of remarks by Associate Vice Chancellor for International Engagement & Global Strategies Sonia Feigenbaum, followed by delicious appetizers and networking."

- @GlobalNebraska on Instagram

International students to share business phrases in mini language lessons

"The Future of Globalization panel brought together faculty members from across the University of Nebraska–Lincoln campus to discuss the effects of globalization on economy, politics, national security, and in our own lives. ⁣ ⁣

The International Education Week panel included Dr. Uchechukwu Jarrett, assistant professor of practice in economics; Dr. Courtney Hillebrecht, associate professor of political science, director of the human rights and humanitarian affairs program and S.C. Waugh Professor of International Relations; and Dr. Tyler White, assistant professor of practice of political science and national security studies."

- @NebraskaBiz on Instagram

“This week celebrates our diversity; our intellectual pursuits across borders, languages and perspectives; and our desire to bring people together.” - Sonia Feigenbaum, UNL Associate Vice Chancellor for International Engagement & Global Strategies

"I have grown a lot while studying at [UNL]. The professors were very kind and they encouraged me in my studies. They spent a lot of time answering my questions in person... I graduated thanks to their assistance." – Yoonhee Kim

"Coffee with a Diplomat is happening right now in Oldfather 827! Learn all about careers in diplomacy."

- @UNLGLST on Instagram

Chinese name pronunciation workshop to be hosted as part of International Education Week

"We’ve got a full house for Insight China!"

- @AmyKayLester on Twitter

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, the International Business Club hosted "Insight China," featuring a Chinese documentary "A Way Out." More than 100 students, faculty and staff attended the screening and discussion afterwards.

“I feel like students become more open-minded that way because once you get to know a person’s culture, you start to appreciate them more. You find similarities within culture that bring you together.” - Meena Pannirselvam, senior finance major from Malaysia
"When we learn about other countries and cultures, we become better suited for leadership."

- @LeaderStance on Twitter

Integrated science student brings Hult Prize Challenge to UNL

"Students celebrated their differences (and similarities!) during International Education Week Nov. 12-16. College of Business events included a Global Opportunities Fair,

Mini Language Lessons, “Insight China” viewing and discussion about the documentary “A Way Out,” as well as the Future of Globalization Panel, a Chinese Name Pronunciation Workshop and careers event From Suitcase To Briefcase: Selling Your Study Abroad Experience to Employers.⁣ ⁣

Thank you to all who attended an event and those who volunteered your time and talents to share your cultures with others."

- @NebraskaBiz on Instagram

Every year during IEW, the Cultural Ambassadors student organization invites the international student associations on campus to join the "International Food Bazaar," featuring traditional dishes and sweets from 8 different countries this year. It's a celebration of food and culture.

"You'll meet new people, see their attitudes towards life, and experience the mentality of people from different cultural backgrounds [at UNL]." – Asim Al Dhahri

"We learned so much about Rwanda during our documentary and discussion! 🎥 Now we all want to visit!

International Education Week has been full of learning, exploring, and getting to know new people from all over the world 🌎

We hope you all learned a bit about another country, language, or culture!"

- @UNL_ISSO on Instagram

Hidden flags on campus highlight students for International Education Week

"International Students, you bring a unique perspective and skills to the community here at UNL. Never let anything intimidate you, but rather spur you forward to be the one to break the ice and talk about difficult topics.

Tay has been a real inspiration on my journey here, ask her how! #youarewelcomedhere"

- @dinomilocoffee on Instagram

"Pigment on Cloth: Tradition, Family, and the Art of Indian Pichvai Painting" introduces audiences to pichvais, devotional paintings on cotton cloth made as temple hangings. Displayed in the Robert Hillestad Textiles Gallery on East Campus.
"Congrats to @kstritt1 for winning the $50 gift card to the UNL Bookstore! Last week we hosted the first annual Flag Hunt to celebrate international education @unlincoln."

- @UNL_ISSO on Instagram

Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate IEW2018 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

We were so pleased with the celebration of international diversity and global exchange, and extend a heartfelt thanks to all our community and campus partners. You can also check out a recap of our Twitter moments on @GlobalNebraska. Stay in touch with us on social media!

For inquiries, please contact the Office of Global Strategies at globalstrategies@unl.edu.


Created with images by Vladislav Klapin - "From Festival," and courtesy photos from the UNL College of Business and Global Studies program. Copyright 2018 by the Office of Global Strategies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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