Tennessee By: Charlesey Arnsperger and Wolfgang Franks

Tennessee is a mid western state. Eight other states border Tennessee. Tennessee is known for the Smokey mountains and country music.

Tennessee's climate is mild. In the summer the temperature averages to 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters in Tennessee have a average temperature of 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto lead an expedition into the Tennessee River Valley. In the mid 1500s,the first Europeans arrived in Tennessee. Tennessee became the sixteenth state on June 1st, 1796.

Tulip tree ,iris, mocking bird, Tennessee cave salamander, raccoon, Tennessee river pearls, Tennessee walking horse, zebra swallowtail, eastern box turtle, and square dancing.

Native Americans including the Cherokee and the Chickasaw were tribes in Tennessee.

These are some of Tennessee's state symbols. Iris, tulip tree, Mockingbird, Tennessee Cave Salamander, and Zebra Swallowtail.

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