Interfaith Dialogue

Working in pairs, you can work through the activities below. At the end of the term we will share each adobe spark that has been created by the groups.

Watch the YouTube clip called Three Faiths One God

Find a way to visually represent the similarities and differences of each religion represented. Your experiences from the Interfaith Excursion may help you. (Could be a Venn Diagram, chart, table, Canva Poster)

This is the Encyclical from Pope John Paul II and had it's 5oth Anniversary in 2015.

The above link will help you find out what Nostra Aetate is all about. Skim the document and create a "Did you know?" document - could be a column piece, cartoon or drawing that will educate your peers.

Research some other examples of Pope Francis showing his commitment to Interfaith Dialogue. Make a note of what these are to share with the class. Ensure you include appropriately referenced material.

The Golden Rule

Find out what the 'The Golden Rule' is as expressed by various religious and secular traditions.

Reflect on how we live out the Golden Rule in our own lives. Give some examples.

How do various religious communities contribute to the Australian community? Brainstorm your ideas to begin with, then find evidence to back up these ideas. Try Click view, ABC compass or individual Australian religious community websites. Add these to your presentation.

How does the Golden Rule relate to Jesus commandment to love one another? How could this rule lead to peace, tolerance and harmony?

Watch the message from Pope Francis.

Finish your presentation with a personal reflection "What does peace, harmony and religious tolerance mean to you?"

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Created with images by The Center for Interfaith Relations - "His Holiness the Dalai Lama greets the crowd at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville"

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