Welcome to Greenback Night Ms. Edwards

I'm so excited to be teaching my 17th year at Bradley Middle School! After graduating from Angelo State University I substitute taught in the district and Bradley is one of the finest schools in the district. Sixth grade is a transition time for all students, transition can be challenging but it also opens up opportunity for growth. I hope to instill a love for learning and motivate my students to become life long learners! I recognize parents as the primary educator(s) and believe a good parent-teacher relationship is necessary for maximum school success! I'm looking forward to having each and every student in my class this year and building a foundation of support that will help to carry them through their Bradley middle school years!


Tutoring Before or After School on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday!! Tutoring in the morning starts at 7:40 and in the afternoon it will start right after school. Conference time is at 9:25-10:10.

Social Studies Supplies

One Subject Spiral for the Interactive Notebook

Colored Pencils

Glue Stick


Google Classroom is used to post assignments, and announcements.

Each class has their own class code. Students will use their student log-in to access their social studies resources.

1st period 7h016of

3rd period 9lt5ws

4th period tkzr15

5th period db5ub8

6th period 9ape59

8th period y223mjj

Text Messaging

Communication tool I use to send out reminders of upcoming projects, test/quizzes and daily assignments.

Type in the number 81010 into your phone as if you are sending a message to this number.

First Semester

Covering the Basics of Social Studies


Parts of a Map

Types of Maps

Landforms~ Tested on the Different types of Landforms

Project: Design your own Continent


Different types of Government

Role of the Government

Role of the Citizen


Types of Economic Systems

Factors of Production

How Geography affects the economy

Study of ...

Factors of Culture

Lost Boys of Sudan (Case Study)

Project: Culture Doll

Development of the Governments

Comparing ancient democracy to mondern democracy

Rome's Republic

Cultural Diffusion

Trade Routes

Chinese Inventions

The Columbian Exchange

Cultural Innovation

Age of Enlightenment

Scientific Revolution

Industrial Revolution

Changes that cause Cultural Conflict

World War I

World War II~ Holocaust

Research Project

Arab-Israeli Conflict

Ethnic Conflict

Civil Rights

Civil Rights in India/United States


Created with images by Skitterphoto - "pencils colorful sharpener colored pencils color pencils" • Damian Piasek - "untitled image" • DariuszSankowski - "knowledge book library" • Jomar - "Capitol Hill Washington D.C." • James Coleman - "Rosary" • Pexels - "blur close-up continent exploration focus geography map" • Sangre-La.com - "it0380.JPG" • QuinceMedia - "usd bills dollars" • WikiImages - "aircraft world war ii aichi d3a flying"

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