HARN TOUR Jessica Giessman

Medium of the art

These pieces of art that I saw in the Harn are 18th century sculptures of jade from China. These sculptures are very intricate and beautifully detailed. Seeing them in person was better than seeing them online because I was able to view the minute details like faces and leaved in the trees. I found this medium of art so striking because I can only imagine the skill that someone must have to be able to carve the tiniest things in a hard gem like this. These works communicated the ideas of patience because I know that creating these items must have been a very trim consuming process that requires a steady hand. These pieces made me feel content because the color of them is so calming and the scenes in the jade are very beautiful.

Design of the museum

The exhibit that I chose was Mirror, Mirror: Portraits of Frida Kahlo. I chose this exhibit because I found the use of color very appealing. In the portraits of Frida, there are vibrant colors in some and none in the others. I appreciated the way the museum put the colored pieces on a white wall, while the monotone pictures are on a green while to create a balance and bring out the brightness of the works. I also like this exhibit because it displays the beautiful works of a beautiful and talented woman and depicts an equally beautiful culture. This exhibit makes me happy because I love the color and acknowledgement of Frida Kahlo.

Me and my pal Frida

Art & Core values

The piece that I chose to represents a core value of mine is Volcano Series no. 2 (Volcán, serie no. 2) by Ana Mendieta. This piece relates to my core value that women are powerful and full of fire. Volcano Series no.2 is part of an exhibit called Intra-Action that celebrates art created by talented women, and this piece represents the body of women and the power that it holds inside. I was able to better understand my core value because the work showed that there is beauty in power. This work instilled the emotion of passion in me because it made me proud to be a woman and it helps me better understand that all women can connect on idea that we are powerful.

art & the good life

The piece I chose to represent a theme in Good Life is Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters by Audrey Flack. This piece relates to the theme of embodying the good life because of the importance of her body and pose. The theme is evoked because Islandia is in a stance that represents power but softness at the same time. Her hand is up like a warrior which is powerful, but her other hand is out offering help with has an element of softness. The idea of the piece is that women can be both fighters and lovers at the same time, regardless of what others think based on one's body. My understanding of the theme is enhanced because the piece depicts a sense of innate equality that women have with men that is brushed aside due to society believing that one body is superior to another. The understanding of the body and appreciation of it determines one's role in life, which we discuss in Good Life.


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