Roman Contributions By: megan Donson

Roman Science

This is a map of 1,000 stars, created by an Egyptian astronomer named Ptolemy. Ptolemy also studied the motion of planets and stars, and he created rules about their movement. This map was important to Rome because it helped other Romans understand astronomy and make new discoveries. This map is important today because it helped scientists over time to develope a better map that is more detailed. Without Ptolemy's original map, we might have never understood the stars and planets.

Roman Mathematics

Left: These are all of the Roman coins used in Ancient Rome. Roman currency could be used in Gaul and Greece, and all over the Mediterranean by 100 A.D, as you can see in the map on the top. These coins were important to Rome because they made trade easier so they could get goods they needed. The coins are important today because they help us learn more about how money was used, and maybe brought some ideas on how we should use and spend money today. Bottom: The Romans created a standard system of weights and measurements, which made it easier for trade and pricing.

Roman Art

The Romans loved the Greek-style statues and architecture. Right: These are the Roman columns and arches. The Romans adopted the idea of columns from the Greeks, and then added arches, which made building domes and curved ceilings doable. These columns and arches are important to Rome because it showed how they liked the Greek style, but modified it to build something new. (domes) The rows and arches is important today because it is still a style of architecture and art today. Middle: This is a diagram of the Roman columns and arches. Columns and arches connected would form a vault. (curved ceiling) However, the Romans did not call the columns columns. They gave them the name "colonnades." Left: This is a Roman statue. Like the columns, the Romans borrowed the Greek's idea of statues. However, Greek statues were made with perfection, and Roman statues had imperfections like warts, wrinkles, and other blemishes.

Roman Language and Literature

Right: This is the Latin alphabet. Latin was the language of Romans. Latin had a huge impact on later generations. It helped form other language like Spanish, Italian, French, and many English words. Latin was the language of Europe until 1500 A.D. Latin was important to the Romans because it was their form of communication.

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