Carnival Monday Carnival 2017 - Port of Spain, Trinidad

Carnival Monday's Parade of Bands is kind of a dry run for the festivities on Carnival Tuesday. The parade gets underway a little later in the morning for people still recovering from getting up at 4:00am for J'Ouvert. Most participants either don't wear their full costumes or simply wear t-shirts with their band's name.

Most of the action takes place on the streets, which are closed off for the event. Costumes and social statements are optional.
Support trucks with music, beverages and toilet facilities are part of each band and included in the price of some packages.
Carnival Monday is a great opportunity to see whether some of the larger costumes (floats?) will actually fit down the streets and under utility wires (some were less successful than others).
Lots of happy business owners.
Carnival Monday may look a little more laid back than Carnival Tuesday but it's just as much fun.


All photos © 2017 Bob Williams

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