Melaati J Creates Artsy Tech Hippie

Who is Melaati Jayah?

My father taught me 3 things in life, be resourceful, be kind and be creative. Today I use these same principles in my studies, work and art.

A technology creator, consumer, and an educator with a passion for art and innovation,

I am a coding teacher, currently working on my journey to find ways to combine my creativity for Art and Technology. I am an Artsy Tech Hippie combining software and mixed reality to enhance how you interact with murals I have painted. What I Learn on my own, I also teach my kids in the classroom, hoping they can experience hands on examples on how to incorporate learning what I teach, with what they love to do!

Melaati's Murals

My First Art Show

Using My Art and some Technology Software to bring it life

Melaati J Creates Inspiration

Inspiring Art and Creativity to the Community In Memphis with Events I have hosted called Paint at the Park.

Overton Park Paint at the Park 2019
Japan Fest at the Botanical Gardens with my Paint at the Park Booth 2019
My goal is to change the way we view our street art in ALL parts of Memphis. Turning murals and graffiti from the members of our own city into an art show shining the streets and exposing neighbors , strangers and friends to the beauty of technology and street art

Thank you

Email : melaatij@gmail.com

Created By
Melaati Jayah


Created with images by Umberto - "Optical fibers colored lamp"