My trip to Honduras By skyler , hannah

The currency of Honduras is the "Honduran lempira" which can be exchange from 1 US dollar to 23 Honduran Lempira's .

These pictures are of the Copan site , which is an archeological site of the mayan civilization .

These 2 pictures are of beautiful beaches on the "Bay Islands" which are north of Honduras .

This is the capital of Honduras ,Tegucigalpa , From Kansas city to Tegucigalpa it would cost 800 Us dollars for a flight to get there .
This is one of the awesome things you can do in Honduras. This image is of the Rotan Institute for marine sciences , here you can swim with dolphins .


Created with images by Arian Zwegers - "Copan, Hieroglyphic Stairway" • rapidtravelchai - "El Salvador Honduras 037" • rapidtravelchai - "El Salvador Honduras 036" • Pexels - "bay beach daylight" • Unsplash - "beach boat palms"

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