Create-a-creature By: brandon HuFf

  • 1. Genus: Takifugu

Species: Squishesfishius

Common name: Squishy Fishy

  • 2. Squishy Fishies are found in the Euphotic zone also known as the sunlit zone. Obviously there is high levels of sunlight in this zone and the temperature tends to stay more warm.
  • 3. Squishy fishy is well suited to live in the euphotic zone because traits such as its sharp fins allow it to swim quickly through the water, it's hard teeth allows it to eat algae that's growing on coral, and it's sharp venomous spikes that produce tetrodotoxin to defend it from predators when it puffs up.
  • 4. Squishy Fishies are nekton. They achieve their swimming through the use of sharp fins.
  • 5. Squishy fishy uses its hard non-sharp teeth to eat the algae growing on coral in the euphotic zone.
  • 6. The Squishy Fishy measures 1 foot long when fully matured and weighs about 12 ounces.
  • 7. The Squishy fishy is a light blue teal like color. This color is used for active camouflage as it blends in with the ocean.
  • 8. Squishy Fishies protect themselves using a puffing method which points their sharp tetrodotoxin releasing spikes into whatever is attacking it.
  • 9. Squishy fishy is nektonic, is moves by using its sharp fins to propel itself through the water.
  • 10. Squishy fishy uses gills to take in oxygen through the water.
  • 11. Squishy Fishies reproduce in large numbers through eggs that are hidden in cave systems in coral reefs. This helps the eggs to hatch by keeping them safe from predators until they are ready to hatch.
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