learning guide 6 sarah

Best pictures

Key readings: this reading talks about the different parts of a lens and what makes a good picture turn out well with the right knowledge of exposure. Things such as shutter speed and aperture, determine how things are seen on camera. The amount of light passing through the lens will effect how clear and precise the picture turns out. Light and composure can make or break a picture. Meter defined how light or dark and the final exposure of the picture is.


Stop: stop has to do with light and how it is portrayed in a picture and how the image appears

Aperture: it can affect the photo depending on how close or far the subject of the photograph is to the camera. Depends on the location relative to the subject.

Shutter speed: no hint can be movie when taking the picture, nothing can help the blur. The length will increase, and so will the shutter speed

Shallow depth reduces the aft ions going on in the picture. These types of picture are more controlled and simple. These pictures can be taken using a focal length lens.

Edward Weston emulation:


In this learning guide I learned how to properly use and apply lighting to make subjects and different aspects of pictures stand out and make the emotion and subjects in the photograph more clear.

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