Anne Frank By wyatt Blankenship

On February 13, eighth graders in English teacher Tamera Noble's English classes went to a play about Anne Frank. Before they went to the play, they did a very extensive Anne Frank unit.

Eighth graders start their Anne Frank unit by reading sections of a nonfiction passage.
Eighth graders Marian Moore and McKali Hedge work on their group's section review poster.
Eighth graders Mackenzie Gilliatt and Ashleigh Villavicencio-Garcia work on their section review poster.
Noble gives eighth grader Joshua Barnett advice on his poster.

Eighth graders Dawson Poe and William Jarnagin present their group's poster.

Villavicencio-Garcia and Gilliatt present their group's poster

Eighth graders Joshua Barnett and Lucus Stroud present their group's poster.

Eighth graders Cameron Meehan and Andrew Bye present their group's poster.

Students read the play.

Villavicencio-Garcia reads the stage directions for the play.
Left to Right: Eighth grader Makena Dunn reads her lines in the play. Eighth grader Marian Moore reads her lines in the play.

Noble talks to eighth grader Joshua Barnett on his theme poster.

Villavicencio-Garcia works on her theme poster for end of Anne Frank unit.

Moore works on her theme poster for the end of the Anne Frank unit.

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