Mars rover

Objective : using an operator controlled robot , students must maneuver a bot to collect a water bottle , place it into a container and return the bottle and container to base camp

2/1317 today, my partner and I are making a robot that can go over a ramp. while everyone else is using two wheels, my partner and I are using three wheels which makes it faster and works better using a total of six gears. Using 3 wheels helps us because we can climb the wall with more traction.

2/14/17 today we have built the frame and attached all the wheels together. we will probably add the claw today to pick up the water and basket. We are next going to test if it all works together if not we will have to brainstorm on ideas to give it more mobility.

We finished the claw and the arm we found out it didn't have enough torque to pick up the bottle so we added to small gears to the axel that intercept the bigger gears giving more force and less speed which is good because the up and down motion of the arm was fast so now it will be more controllable.

2/15/17 we need to fish the gear system so we have more tour we cause previously couldn't pick up the bottle we also need to do more testing.

2/16/17 today we need to work on internal structure. one of the axles keeps popping out .we also need to counter balance the front of the rover so we can get over the bump. one side waighs more than the other so it's having issues getting over the ramp.

2/19/17 we are now using the claw / arm as a way of pushing our selves over the bump which works perfectly as a substitute for our counter weight that helps but doesn't do the job.

2/21/17 we have modified our rover with lots of modifications the shorter claw , longer arm , counter balance , more torque on claw , and a good clean structure with no loose wires. All of these things are what we need to succeed in the challenge. We also may need to add more modifications but we haven't seen our rover sense last Friday and it's Tuesday so we need to check our rover.

2/23/17 we modified the robot to have support on the counter weight so we can not tip over but still have perfect balance.

2/27/17 we completed the mars rover we beat the challenge with 13 seconds remaining which is a good time most people got like 10 or so seconds but a lot of this stuff is driving control and sense I had lots of practice driving I was chosen to be the driver and Nate was the scout which would help me when I couldn't see around a table because we could only go so far on the challenge course

2/28/17 we have completed the challenge we have modified our robot to the extreme with counter weights stability angles for weight lifting modified wheels that also have gears for traction a long arm and a sturdy claw we put rubber bands on claw for more friction and have a sleek but effective build also a good driver with alll these modifications and things combined we had the perfect setup.

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