The Postmodern era began in the early 1960's and continues to the modern day. The literature in this era began mostly in part by the Civil Rights movements of the 1950's and 60's. These include social issues centered around Race, Sex, and Political Affiliation.

Values of Postmodernist literature centers strongly around Social Equality, such as Civil Rights and Feminism. Most Postmodern literature features the belief of free thinking in terms of Religious Beliefs and Politics. The works of the era generally question the way society functions and offers an argument against an establishment, such as many Communistic writings in a Democratic America during the Cold War.

The genre of Postmodernist writing tends to be Fiction or Realistic Fiction, both of which tend to cover topics that the writers deem important to society. The style tends to follow along with these topics, as the stylistic choice of many postmodern works involves a questioning of anything and everything, including Religion, Politics, and Traditional ways of life and values.

Some of the more known and studied authors of The Postmodernist Period include Vladimir Nabokov, John Barth, and John Fowles. Some works of theirs include Nabokov's Lolita, Barth's The Sot-Weed Factor, and Fowles' The Collector.

"I knew I had fallen in love with Lolita forever; but I also knew she would not be forever Lolita."- A pretty dadgum deep quote from Nabokov's Lolita. A proper example of Postmodernist feelings on true love. This example also uses a prime example of Oxymoron, which adds to the irony of the statement made.

As shown by our friend in the background, Postmodernism continues to the modern day, and has continuously been updated and refined to fit modern terms, situations, and events, especially with the rise of Post-9/11 Terrorism and War in the Middle East, and the overall moral justification of them.

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