Indian Killer By Sherman Alexie

Presentation by Sam Wallis


The plot is mostly what john is going through in life, but sometimes it focuses on the killer and events that lead up to the murders or kidnappings. Sometimes the author wants you to make a connection between john and the killer or sometimes another person. Right now it's really unclear who the killer is and why john looks like a prime suspect but through our point of view as the reader we can infer that there can be other suspects.


The setting usually is in Seattle,Washington , but sometimes takes place at the community college and just around the city.


  • John Smith(main)
  • David Rogers
  • The KIller
  • Mark Jones
  • Truck Schultz
  • Reggie Polatkin
  • Marie Polatkin
  • Jack Wilson
  • Father Duncan


"The killer moved quickly. With fingers wrapped around the handle, the killer snapped the knife out of his handmade sheath. The killer's feet moved forward, and the sharp blade forced it's way into the white man's belly."(53)

Most Riveting Moment

For me the most riveting moment was when the killer had killed his first victim. The emotions he had during this moment were very unclear, but he was disappointed in himself because there wasn't enough blood. The killer cut out the man's eyes and he swallowed them whole and placed his calling card (two owl feathers) on the man's chest once they were white ,but now quickly stained red because of the blood pouring out of his body.


I would recommend this book to people that are interested in thrillers and murder mysteries.

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