The Truth About Hercules By: Lucy B and Cara B

Is there a real Hercules?

Was there a real Hercules that covers all the stories? We will never know but his story is about a man who was so strong and courageous, his deeds were so mighty that all his hardships were given to him. When hercules died, he was brought up to Mount Olympus to live with the gods. Hercules was born into a family of Gods and Goddesses

Being one of the most famous heroes of Ancient times, more and more stories were being told about Hercules then other heroes of those times. Many temples had worshipped Hercules this was all over Greece and Rome.

Hercules the movie has many different versions of the Disney movie but the different versions explain the difference between who Hercules parents were and why he had to perform the 12 labours.

Differences between movies

False information between movies
Hercules being strong

Disney VS Original

Disney Movie
Original Movie


-A difference between the movie and the original is that Hercule was that in the Disney version he is the son of Zeus and Hera instead of being the son of Alcmena but the wife of Amphitryon.

-In the movie Hercules and Meg ended up getting married and not having kids but in the original it is said that they have kids.



Main characters

Parents of Hercules
Meg (Wife in the end)
Pegasus (wing Horse)

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