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(Verb) To do something badly or without skill; to mess something up.

Synonym; ruin, spoil

Whenever I try to do origami, I end up bungling the paper.


(Verb) To create or write

Synonyms; Write, create, invent

Jorge composed the script for the play he was directing.


A discussion, often public, involving opposite viewpoints.

Synonyms; Discussion, argument, disagreement

Many people went to the presidential debates before the president was elected.


An act of exhibiting; a show

Synonyms; display, show, showcase

At the dinosaur exhibit, they had dinosaur bones and dinosaur facts.


To rule as a king or queen.

Synonyms; Rule,

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned England for about 63 years


Created with images by oadtz - "chess white game" • Turinboy - "A Crumpled Paper Ball" • cocoparisienne - "glasses reading glasses book" • Museum Exhibitry - "Dinosaur Mysteries" • trainjason - "crown"

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