A Natural Escape By: Suma Gangidi

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Nature on Display: Have you ever been this close this many butterflies? I haven't and this experience itself was very unique. I was so close to a butterfly that I could take a selfie with it, great right? This exhibit works to mimic the natural world in a way to preserve this many species which can be viewed and studied by humans. It was a live exhibit in contrast to the picturesque sculptures around the museum. By seeing such an exhibit in person, you were able to analyze all the physical aspects of the butterfly in it's truest, most high definition from. You could analyze it's wing patterns, fly patterns, the way it moves, and the way it interacts with plants and other humans, through another medium, you wouldn't be able to do that. Just being in such a setting after coming from the concrete jungle that is the university is relaxing. It is stress free, and gives you a chance to breathe in and out without having to worry about school work. Watching the nature on display here really immerses us into nature in a way many don't experience on a daily basis, and it's nice to be off our phones and be one with nature.

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Nature and Ethics: To what extent should science interfere with nature, and when does it become unnatural? It is interesting to view how nature works in such a scientific manner, but should science interfere with nature like this? How ethical is it? Are we just not "conquering the world" by controlling it's production, as seen above, by breeding butterflies? Yes, we do try to coexist with the nature, but only by controlling it. Through the exact opposite of Leopold's recommendation, we are experiencing nature at the museum of natural history. I felt that science has taken over the natural world, seeing such an exhibit, but it is not necessarily a bad thing, as it is just for the pursuit of knowledge. It gives many people a chance to experience nature first hand in a way that has never been done before.

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Nature and the Human Spirit: The natural history museum is a great place to go if you're scared of nature, but still want to learn about it. The way they set up their exhibits give you a real feel for what places and things are like, and help you connect with nature in a more interactive way than ever before. It helps us travel to foreign lands and times we have never seen before. It helps guide our imaginations and in essence make us want to gain more knowledge about our surroundings. Before visiting this exhibit, I had no interest in learning about caves, and did not even know what the rock looking things were called. Now I know the difference between a stalactite and stalagmite.

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