Tattoos On The Heart Julia Brockhouse

Homeboy Industires is an organisation founded by Father Greg Boyle (far left). Their mission is to assist gang members in Los Angeles, and across the country, to rebuild their lives. This is my reflection over Boyle's book, "Tattoos on the Heart".
Chapter 1: God, I Guess

This chapter heavily consisted of the theme of positive self worth. For example, the term "firme" (could not be one bit better) is used by one Homie after he experienced some prayer time with God. I especially enjoyed the story of Scrappy, a Homie Father G clashed with for many years. He came forward for forgiveness and a new chance, and he got it. This is just how God works, He will never turn us away.

Chapter 6: Jurisdiction

In this chapter, kinship was present at every turn (hence "jurisdiction). Once Father G was in a Homie's "jurisdiction", once they were kin, no driving force could break that relationship. I especially enjoyed reading about the trifecta Jerome, Juan, and Larry, because their unshakable friendship just goes to prove that racial barriers mean nothing, and separate backgrounds are nothing in the face of kinship.

Chapter 7: Gladness

This chapter just might be my favourite. It highlights how delightful the small things in life can be. Our world is beautiful for a reason, and that is for us to enjoy it. A prime example of this simple enjoyment in delight is shown by Moreno. Moreno, who has never liked doing school, or anything really, has found gladness in Biology, and I can't say I blame him. Digesting frogs is my favourite pastime.


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