Photography Bianca Cantos

What is Photography

In your own words

I think Photography is the art of not words, sure there might be words in the picture, but what are they really focusing on. It is an image of somewhere or something. 'Fine art photography is photography created in accordance with the vision of the artist as photographer.'

What does this mean to you. "man vandalizing the street", "ART", "Creepy alley way with guy and people". The thing that I like the most about art is you'll never be wrong, because the world has different eyes, perspectives.

Prom: Bianca can you really take prom photos?

I don't know for sure but if you can trust me I'm sure I'll try.PS might take more than one time to get it right so I'm going to practice.

IF YES: I've had some ideas, or if you want something else we can totally go with that.


These are what I was think for the singles,
Yes this is Cole Sprouse


More than one person ideas

Fun memories idea or Funny and terrible.

And the cool thing about it is I don't need to payed in anything

Please say yea. And if you don't like these ideas I'd be more happy to figure out the ideas to make it ideally perfect.


For each of the photos I was thinking either a blanket of white flowers most likely Wisteria (1st photo under) and Lilac (2nd). I don't want to be so cliché but maybe roses. One picture standing and One picture on the blanket with white string lights in the back but focusing on the person with maybe the perspective from the flowers.

Thanks for looking at my ad...

here are a gallery of my previous photos

Also look at thats me.....

Bye Now this really long sorry


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