St. valentine

St. valentine was born on 176AD in Terri, Italy. He is know for being the saint of love.

He was a kindhearted priest who married young couples against the wishes of emporo Claudius 2, and was beheaded for his deeds on the 14th of February. In truth, the exact orgions and identity of St. Valentine are not know.

He died on February 14,273 Ad Rome Italy. He was executed by Claudius and Valentine's Day is on his death and not his burial. Now his body lies under a church in Dublin.

St. valentine, as a kid, didn't believe in the false gods of the romans. He was thrown in jail for believing in the one true God. While Valentine was waiting for his own execution he fell in love with the jailers daughter.

Valentine greeting were popular as far back as the Middle Ages but they had never seen a written valentine until the 1400's

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