what an ass By:Nicole Chraca

You'd have to feel sorry for her, every girl out there getting screwed over one guy after another. It depressed the hell out of me just thinking about it. To tell you the truth I don’t understand it. What madman decides to waste all his time and dough to get a girl to fall for him, and then drop her like nothing existed between the two. That moron does not understand what he’ll lose, all she wanted was to feel safe in his arms. I don’t know anymore and I don’t give a damn. Men, what dirty stupid sonuvabitches, just showing fake love to get into your pants. I don’t care anymore except that i'm foolish and fall for the same thing over and over again. Crap the hell with it I just lie how I feel most of time. Its pretty funny how people buy the fake smile and gestures, when i'm actually screaming on the inside. Boy, am I mad as hell what audacity do men have! What an ass he is, knowing the whole time I poure my heart out to him he’s just having a laugh at it because i'm nothing but a toy to him. It hurts me every time I think about it, my heart races my stomach turns. But why continue to stick around when there’s no point, there's obviously another girl. The reason I choose to be alone is to stay away from people who leave me, now I won’t have to face the pain from neglect. You're the phony ass that gave me an understanding.

He's okay
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Nicole Chraca


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