After Taxes By Johnny Cash

I Would Like To See You Again

1978 | Country

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"You can dream about a honeymoon for two. -- You can dream but that's about all you can do. -- 'Cause by the time old uncle Sam gets through with you."


  • The song was written by Jerry Leiber & Billy Edd Wheeler.
  • The album hit #23 on the Country Albums chart.
  • According to Wikipedia this was Cash's 57th album...that sounds high am-I-right?


Luke Tatum

The beautiful innocence of getting your first paycheck. Do you ever stop to consider just how many taxes you are paying? Like a good reader of Bastiat, Mr. Cash has us consider not what we are paying for with taxes, but what we are not able to buy because the money has been diverted to other purposes. It's a healthy way to consider the issue! It's not that libertarians are "against education" or "against roads" or whatever else, it's just that we have things that are important to US.

Sherry Voluntary

Now that’s what I call country, Johnny Cash edition! This song lays out one of the great tragedies of the consequences of State predation on the individual. While they steal from you for “the common good,” they make you more poor, thereby making your quality of life more limited and driving some to then have to rely on the welfare and other social programs that they stole taxes for in the first place. There is no getting around the fact that economics and freedom are inseparably linked. If you don’t have control over your economic freedom, you are not free.

Nicky P

Allow me this opportunity to be crass. Fuck government for getting in the way of my sex life. With just a little more bread maybe I could have edged past someone else into contention for a really choice piece. I’m not a beautiful man so robbing me like the state does has real world consequences. This could potentially end my bloodline by making me less desireable to the opposite sex. Should we get into the eugenic arguments that have been made for all sorts of government policy? I shouldn’t need to. For a relatively silly song, I feel irrationally angry being reminded of overt theft.

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Nicky P

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