War of the Roses By Kirkland Cofer

The Two Houses

The two houses of the War of the Roses was the House of Lancaster, and the House of York. These two houses fought over who was going to be the heir to the throne of England.

Henry the VI vs. Edward IV

Henry VI of the House of Lancaster had a claim to the throne. Edward IV (Yorkist) wanted to contest his cousins rule.

Painting of King Henry VI

Richard III and the princes in the tower

After the death of Edward IV, Richard III was accused of killing Edward's sons so he could become king.

Battle of Bosworth Field

Richard III and Henry Tudor fought each other at the Battle of Bosworth Field. This is the battle where Richard III died.

Henry Tudor and the House of Tudor

After the Battle of Bosworth Field, the War of the Roses wasn't over yet. The war officially ended when Henry married Edward IV's daughter.


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