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A father's dying words have been the guiding star for one man's life journey. Mirroring the Himalayan treks he has led so many times, his path has been both challenging and magnificent. Born into poverty in the remote region of Nepal called Kumari, Jagat Lama eventually found success in education and entrepreneurship outside of his village. But he did not keep his knowledge, resources, or connections for himself, he brought it all back to Kumari. Again and again. The efforts of this one Nepali man have led to the building of a women's skill center, local school, and the region's first medical clinic. This feature length documentary will the story of Jagat's life through intimate conversations and follow along with the opening of the Sukuman Memorial Polyclinic in 2012, through the massive earthquake in 2015, and finally to the rebuilding of the community's vital resources in 2017. The story provides inspiration to everyone about perseverance, family, and giving back to your own community.

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The Heart of our story

Jagat Lama was born into Kumari as one of ten children. Too weak to work in the fields, Jagat found strength in education. Eventually, Jagat became to the first person in his community to pursue higher education.

While studying in Kathmandu, Jagat got word that his father had fallen and was severely injured. In his final breaths, his father turned to his son and said: "Jagat, take what you have learned and bring it back to our people so others don't have to die like I do. You are the hope of Kumari."

Knowing that his community lacked in the resources needed to sustain the vision of a future hospital, Jagat founded the Independent Trekking Guide CoOperative as a support engine for the work to be done in Kumari.

Through the funds raised while guiding and building strategic partnerships, Jagat and his teams were able to build a women's skill center, local school, and eventually a fully functioning health care clinic.

Jagat's leadership and tenacity proved to be valuable when Nepal was struck with a magnitude 7.8 earthquake. This is the story of a community built on resilience and leadership.


Jagat is a catalyst for roots driven progress. This film aims to bring into focus the power of giving back where you are at. Jagat's own "Hero's Journey" will move audiences to understand that taking action and using what they have to make tangible impacts will serve to benefit something greater than themselves. The visual story of one man's triumphs over massive adversity will serve as a powerful mechanism of inspiring people, of encouraging people of challenging people, to do good by others.


We plan to premiere Kumari: The Jagat Lama Story at major film festivals, followed by a small theatrical run and then release on television or major digital platforms, home video and other sell-through digital platforms (such as iTunes, etc). Distribution could be challenging on this project because of the noncommercial nature of this documentary, but there are a plethora of established and emerging channels that we believe would be interested in distributing this project. We feel the strength of the story and the content will help differentiate it from the pack. We just need to find that right partner. Our top goals would be HBO Docs, Netflix Originals, Amazon Studios, Showtime, or PBS (POV or Independent Lens). The film is open to other channels or potentially less conventional distribution channels if they make sense for the project and getting the most possible eyes on it.


Once all film production expenses are met, distribution revenues will be directly utilized to serve the long term projects in Kumari. This will include financial support for the school to ensure that Jagat's vision of sustainability continues to flourish through the next generation of leaders in his community. The production has a goal of generating enough funds to continually help support the future of Kumari.


The production is currently seeking finishing funds for post production and wide spread distribution. Join us and our many supporters as we all work together to utilize the power of visual narrative to ignite positive change!

For more information or to support the film Email, info@storygorge.com


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