Chinese Space Policy by John Mauro

In recent years, China has created ambitious plans to tackle the unknown regions of space. With plans to go to Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon, China is slowly becoming one of the leading countries of space exploration. Their era of space exploration will bring forth advancement for all of mankind.

Artist Rendering of Chinese Lunar Probe

Since 1976, no space program has returned to the moon. China's Probe, the "Chang-e 5", is going to change that. By exploring the lunar surface and collecting information from the moon, China is helping push scientific exploration in the world. The Chang-e 5 is expected to explore the surface of the moon and bring back samples, of which none have been collected for over 40 years. This curiosity connects with Confucianism; knowing more for the sake of knowing is important, and the more information that we can learn about the moon, the better.

Computer Generated Image of China's Mars Rover

China's busy spaceflight schedule is beginning to put them ahead of other space centers, such as Russia's. The upgrades in technology, such as China creating their own efficient rocket boosters, are helping them stay ahead of other competitors. China launch to Mars, which is expected to leave by 2020 will collect samples from the red planet, granting information of the atmosphere, structure, composition, and environment. China's also has plans to send probes to Jupiter and various asteroids. All of these space plans coincide with the idea of curiosity from Confucianism, and how it is better to be enlightened and have knowledge than to live in ignorance. China's space plans also have conditions similar to those inhabited by Legalism; by being one of the first nations to send probes this far into unknown areas, it can be seen, and is, in fact, by other nations as a sign of power, as they can do this impressive thing that many others can't. The first person or nation to do something is always remembered through history, and China could be revered in the future as the first to get this much information from Mars. Even the U.S. is wary of China's new space capabilities and its eagerness to explore.

Space travel is essential for the survival of the human race. Perhaps in billions of years, when we must evacuate our planet, it will be known throughout history that the Chinese, through ideas of Confucianism and Legalism, were the ones to first help us leave.

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