Photoshoot #2 Potraits Bella Bonilla

Please keep in mind all of these pictures use natural lighting. Enjoy :)

This is my friend Kirah Van Horn, I took this picture of her while we were exploring an art museum in Davis, CA. Candid, Medium Shot.

Esmerelda Casteneda. Esmerelda and I had my mother take us out to the canyon where I found this brightly colored trees that I thought worked as a background. For this shot I used the Rembrandt technique. Medium Shot.

Once again the famous Esmerelda. Using the leading lines technique. Full body Shot.

For this picture I used the Rule of Thirds when placing my subject. Esmerelda is indeed a wonderful model. Full Body Shot.

This here is my brother, Marcos Bonilla, I took this picture last night because I needed one more. I used the fence by our house as a patterned background. Medium Shot

My model for this shot was Jessica Bailey. We went out on Monterey Rd. I tried to use Magic Hour but it worked out well. Medium Shot.

For this picture we were luck and got more of the soft lighting while it still being light out. Thank Magic Hour! The techniques I used were Leading Lines and Little Leading Space. Medium to Full Body Shot

This Picture took a couple of tries because I couldn't exactly get the desired angle, but luckly I was able to get some Hair Lighting / Back Lighting. Medium Shot

Right at the beginning of out shoot , we were going to out location when my mother had the good idea to get this shot. I didn't do too much editing on this one, so the golden hue is very natural. Full Body Shot

With more of a soft lighting, I asked Jessica to stand in front of a brick wall going down Polk St. In my opinion the wall made a good background and nice contrast to her green shirt. Medium Shot.

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