Cell Phones positives&Negatives

Cell phone- a portable usually cordless telephoner use in a cellular system.
Smart phones were invented to keep us connected to the world. However, people in today’s world have taken it to the next level by isolating themselves from the real world. Phones were invented to just talk on then they started making phone to text and talk, and then they started making phones to talk, text, and take pictures

The positive thing about feel phone is that they allow you to talk to people across the world. Its really convenient to talk to you're love ones if they are far away from you.

Being on the phone for a long can later make you have social anxiety. You start to depend on your phone to solve all of your problems life.
She was cyber bullied over the internet because she lost her phone and someone found it and she had inappropriate pictures on her phone and they expose her and sent her explicit pics to everybody in the school and her neighborhood.
11 Negative Things About Having A Phone
Increased Levels Of Stress
Phone Addiction
Difficulties relating with others
Craving More Time Wth Your Phone
Neglecting Spending Time With Your Family And Friends
Changes In The Sleep Patterns
According to the National Safety Council, 1.6 million crashes occur each year due to drivers using cellphones for conversations or texting. This comes out to around 28 percent of all crashes. Using a cellphone while driving can cause distractions at crucial moments.


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