Revolution Brings Terror And Reform By:James Enright Period:6/7 Febuary 6th

The National Assembly Makes Changes

The National Assembly completed a new constitution. This constitution stripped the king of much of their authority and also created a new legislative body. This legislative body were able to create new laws and could reject declarations of war. However the king still held executive power to enforce the laws the legislative made.

Louis's Escape

In June 1791 the royal family tried to escape France and go to the Austrian Netherlands. However as they neared the border they were apprehended and returned to Paris under guard.

The Three Factions Of France

The radicals opposed the idea of monarchy and wanted sweeping changes in how the government was run. Moderates only wanted some changes to the government. Conservatives upheld the idea of limited monarchy and wanted very few changes to the government.

The Guillotine

The guillotine was basically today's equivalent of the death chair, in the guillotine a weighted blade falls down chopping off the prisoners head. They used these contraptions to kill over 2100 people in the last 132 reign days of terror and also used it to kill king Louis.

Robespierre Gains Power

In he early months of 1793 Robespierre slowly rose to power Robespierre and his supporters sought out to build a republic of virtue by wiping out every trace of Frances past. They even changed Frances calander by splitting the months into 12 months and getting rid of Sunday's. Robespierre believed that religion was dangerous so he closed many of the churches in France. He eventually became leader of the comittee of public safety. This time was known as the reign of terror because he sent many of his enemies to the guillotine.

Why The Reign Of Terror Was Instituted

Robespierre convinced everyone that these trials were justified because they enabled French citizens to remain true to the ideas of the revolution. He also saw a connection between virtue and terror.

The End Of Terror

The reign of terror ended in 1794 when Robespierre himself was pleaded guilty and also sent to the guillotine. Shortly after in 1795 moderate leaders wrote up a new plan of government. That gave more power to the middle class

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