Ashley Nicole Author/Poet/Speaker/host

Mission Statement:

To restore confidence and high self-esteem in communities around the world, by connecting people to their worth through discovering their passions and gifts.

Classic. Creative. Connected.

Business Description:

Ashley Nicole is an independent Author/Poet with a publishing platform named Ashley Nicole's Bookshelf. Through performance poetry, published literature, and presentations/workshops, Ashley Nicole intends to promote personal and professional development. Through performance poetry, audiences will be able to decipher confidence through memorization, body language, interpretation, and voice fluctuation. Through published literature (Ashley Nicole's Bookshelf), audiences will be able to increase in their understanding of literacy, creativity, ability to create/format/produce, perspective, and critical thinking skills. Lastly, through presentations and workshops an audience will get the chance to experience tailored advice and tips with special 1 on 1 coaching with Ashley Nicole on Artistic Entrepreneurship. Ashley Nicole's Bookshelf is not only a beacon of hope for self evolution, it is a publishing platform for artists who are in pursuit of passive income streams through alternative publishing.


Ashley Nicole (born Ashley Nicole Wilkins; April 12, 1989) is an African American author, poet, English tutor, actress, USMC veteran, an active San Diego community member, and one third of Black Girl Magic Mini Market. She is best known for her scintillating poetry books, “The Death of a Serial Monogamist,” “The Author of Legacy,” and “Other People’s Problems.” Dubbed the "Queen of transparency", Author Ashley Nicole has created hands on coaching workshops, and entrepreneurial guided presentations, geared towards the advancement of young adults, that set her well on her way to becoming a prominent entrepreneurial Author and Poet. Several assessments regard her as one of the most bold, innovative, and influential woman of her generation.

Wilkins was born and raised in San Diego, California to a dual military couple, Anthony and Karen Wilkins. As a child she was always known for her vibrant energy, her sense of intense enthusiasm, and her compassion for her fellow man. In school Ashley excelled in math and most certainly English. At any given moment she could be found writing stories, or poems to describe her fears, joys, experiences, and thoughts about life. At the age of 20, after being academically suspended from San Diego State University, she joined the United States Marine Corps in search of herself and parts of the world she had never met. It was the Marine Corps that taught her that she could achieve any task that was set before her, and helped her garner the importance of building a trustworthy and dependable network among friends and family. Her emotional writing power eventually got her thrown into the arena of Spoken Word poetry that in turn led to the creation of her first self-published book. This later turned into workshops and presentations to inspire and guide the community of San Diego and beyond. Her charm and courageousness granted her the ability to share her books and words with everyone she came into contact with, and this turned her into a local celebrity amongst the artist community. She then launched a vending platform with two childhood friends, Ardese and Joann Guillory, that showcased Black Life, a master crafted handmade jewelry and accessory line, and Black Mantra Holistic, a remarkable all natural skin care line, and all three of them together promoted entrepreneurship among young women, health, and the wealth of self-love and community.

Credited with creating a more wide spread outreach on social media (@AuthorAshleyNicole and @BlackGirlMagicMiniMarket) and local events (People’s Produce Farmer’s Market, Black Xpression, Flexin’ My Expression, Jazz at the Creek Jazz Fest, Montabello Art Walk, Neo Soul Tuesdays, Lyrical Exchange, San Diego State University, University of California San Diego, and many more venues throughout the country) she is thought to have popularized and revolutionized the written word, as well as the bond of black women and all other women alike. By 2016, she had reinvented herself as a touring author and poet, and her Group (Black Girl Magic Mini Market) by centering their focus on literature, beauty, self-care, self-improvement, and spirituality. Though criticized for unleashing unorthodox poetry and literature, feminist view points, and a seemingly cocky attitude, she is often praised for overcoming adversity to become a benefactor and inspiration to the youth and young adults of America.



"Author Ashley Nicole has helped me build the confidence I needed to actually put myself out there and start my business. Her workshops and live performances have provided me with the tools and resources I needed to start a successful business within my community." - Monisha "Mocasso" McNeeley (Artist and CEO of Exquisite Illusions)

"Ashley Nicole has hosted poetry workshops within the San Diego community as a means to provide and open space where poets other artists alike can fellowship with like minds, and focus on inner healing as well as poetic technique through performance." - DJ Almond Eyez (Musician, CEO of Black Mantra Holistic, and Co-Owner of Black Girl Magic Mini Market)

"Ashley Nicole is not only an exhilarating performer but role model to millennial entrepreneurs adapting to an evolving market. Through her passion for literature, she has embraced her ability to connect with people who possess an array of upbringings. I have personally participated in her workshops and admire Author Ashley Nicole's passion to make everyone find their value and purpose in life." Ronald Williams (CEO of Black Xpression)

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