Donald Trump's Decision for State Department Maximilian December 12, 2016 new york times

Donald Trump says he chooses Rex Tillerson for state department. This is one of the highest if not THE highest rank for Donald Trump's cabinet. Many people disagree with Donald Trump with his decision. People say that Donald Trump should choose someone more familiar with law. Rex is the chief executive for Exxon Mobil, one of the largest companies in the world.

Rex has ties with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Many people hate him mostly for this reason, because American-Russian ties are at their worst since the cold war. Russia is already under suspicion that they interfered with the election and Russian trolls have been proven to make one out of three posts during the weeks prior to the election supporting Donald Trump on Facebook or Twitter and other social networks.

Many people believe that Vladimir Putin is a bad person and has done many bad things, although I will not state them right now. So now Donald Trump is counting a lot on two men who are mixed in with Russia. Many people think that this will get MESSY. Also, many people say that Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin's puppet and listens to what he says and does exactly the same.


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