Calendar Reminder

April 9- Aqua Safety Assembly for grades K-6

April 10- Preschool Bike-a-thon

April 11- 7th Field Trip to Medieval Times

April 12- Progress Reports will be sent home.

April 13- Minimum Day, 12 Noon Dismissal, 4th Grade Field Trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano

April 17- Spring Picture Day

April 18- "Free Dress" for $2.00, Proceeds benefits Nite @ the Races fundraiser

April 19- Nacho Sale @ recess sponsored by Mrs. Brown, Music Program; Open Call Performance @ Mc Callum Theatre, 7:00 pm

April 20- $10.00 from each family due for Nite @ the Races Class Basket; basket items due today; Student of the Month Assembly @ 8:15 am

April 21- 3rd Grade First Eucharist Learning Retreat Center

April 23- Las Vegas Fundraiser ticket stubs with $ due today

April 24- Knott's Berry Farm for students who qualified (Walk-a-thon)

April 25- 3rd Parents' Club Meeting, 7:00 pm in the parish hall

April 28- 3rd Grade First Holy Communion, 10:00 am

2nd Trimester Awards

There was quite of bit of excitement in the air on March 8 as students were presented with various awards for their accomplishments in their studies. Congratulations to all who received recognition for the 2nd Trimester!

Academic Achievement Award

First Grade- Aaron Berzon, Anya Borquez, Ariana Chaparro, Isabelle Fair, Emily Gonzalez, Alivia Guo, Isabella Ham, Levy Marquez, Jayden Nguyen, Romel Rodriguez-Briceno, David Salas

Second Grade- Alejandro Alfaro-Vargas, Itzabella Angulo, Miguel Barraza, Robert Bowman, Matias Cardenas, Antonio Duarte, Rebekah Fierro, Jacob Lopez, Lillyen Morales, Jojo Ninh, Eric Nguyen, Erick Oceguera, Isaiah Pinedo, Sebastian Rodriguez, Uriel Rubio, Elijah Salazar, Teagan Steiger

Academic Honor Roll

Third Grade- Quinn Crousillac, Brandon Domingo, Kathleen Gonzalez, Isabella Guzman, Natalia Hoyle, Abigail Huerta, Maliki Jamerson, Zoe Lerma, Victoria Orduno, Roman Rodriguez, Veronika Romero, Isaiah Simon, Brianna Vargas

Fourth Grade- Daisy Castro, Daniela Castro, Emma Aguilar, Elizabeth Pinedo, Isabella Duarte, Isaiah Fierro, Liam Steiger, Viviana Terriquez

Fifth Grade- Miranda Aguirre, Christopher Barajas-Lopez, Adah Burgen, Avery Crousillac, Isabella Rose Diaz, Alexis Domingo, Nicolas Magana, Lananh Ninh, Clint Rarela, Arayah Robles, Isabella Saenz, Vianca Terriquez, Rachael Vu

Sixth Grade- Vanessa Castro, Nicademus Flores, Andrew Gonzalez, Sebastian Huerta, Maria Montanez, Daniel Reed, Nevaeh Robles

Seventh Grade- Jordan Aguilar, Gladys Armenta, Jillian Brown, Isabella Reed, Ivan Sanchez, Victoria Terriquez

Eighth Grade- Neo Flores, Vy Ninh

Consistent Effort Award

Kindergarten- Amauri Arambula, Maryan Cardenas-Luque, Sandra Grace Kreps, Jayden Ninh, Halen McDonnell, Aaron Gonzalez

First Grade- Ethan Aguilar, Lia Covarrubias, Alexis Gomez, Roman Maciel, Omar Rodriguez

Second Grade- Leonardo Bonilla, Christian Briceno, Ariana Raya, Sofia Saenz

Third Grade- Christopher Bryan, Zackary Muniz, Kioko Tasaka

Fourth Grade- Frida Andrade, Lucas Sear, Ryan Ramirez, Sophia Maloy, Samara Serafini

Fifth Grade- Julian Angulo, Daniela Bell, Alexander Castellanos, Noeh Flores, Alexia Garcia, Nathanael Hoyle, Lisa Juarez, Matthew Martinez, Camilla Regalado, Paola Rodriguez, Emily Santos

Sixth Grade- Haley Maloy, Alejandro Salomon, Joshua Sanchez

Seventh Grade- Cianna Saenz

Eighth Grade- Niko Flores

Accelerated Reader Award

First Grade- Anya Borquez, Axel Castro, Isabelle Fair, Levy Marquez, Jayden Nguyen, David Salas

Second Grade- Alejandro Alfaro, Itzabella Angulo, Miguel Barraza, Matias Cardenas, Rebekah Fierro, Briza Gonzalez, Jacob Lopez, Valerie Magana, Emily Maldonado, Isabella Matcham, Lillyen Morales, Jojo Ninh, Eric Nguyen, Erick Oceguera, Isaiah Pinedo, Sebastian Rodriguez, Elijah Salazar, Teagan Steiger

Third Grade- Quinn Crousillac, Brandon Domingo, Natalia Hoyle, Veronika Romero, Isaiah Simon, Zoe Lerma, Roman Rodriguez

Fourth Grade- Emma Aguilar, Frida Andrade, Daisy Castro, Daniela Castro, Guillermo Delgado, Isabella Duarte, Isaiah Fierro, Sophia Maloy, Elizabeth Pinedo, Viviana Terriquez, Jayden Zendejas

Fifth Grade- Avery Crousillac, Vianca Terriquez

Certificate of Achievement, Accomplished Reader

Sixth Grade- Daniel Reed, Kaleb Wuertz

Seventh Grade- Jillian Brown, Isabella Reed, Victoria Terriquez

Certificate of Achievement, Language Arts

Kindergarten- Arabella Sofia Cordero, Thomas Fair, Vyktoria Romero

Student of the Month

Congratulations to the following students who received Student of the Month for February- A Faithful Catholic! We are so very proud of you!

Kindergarten- Jayden Ninh

First Grade- Alyssa Mendoza

Second Grade- Valeria Magana, Eric Nguyen

Third Grade- Natalia Hoyle

Fourth Grade- Samara Serafini

Fifth Grade- Lisa Juarez, Alexia Garcia

Sixth Grade- Landen Sterling

Seventh Grade- Gladys Armenta

Eighth Grade- Allan Martinez

Computer Studies- Noe Montanez, Vanessa Castro, Anthony Carmona, Isabella Matcham

Physical Education- Eleazar Rochin, Vy Ninh, Amauri Arambula, Emily Gonzalez

Walk-a-thon Rewards

Congratulations to the following students who qualified in the top ten for prizes for our 30th annual Walkathon! We are very proud of these students:

First Place- Julian Gonzalez, 1st grade

Second Place- Aaron Berzon, 1st grade

Third Place-Isabella Matcham, 2nd grade

Fourth Place- Kaleb Wuertz, 6th grade

Fifth Place-David Salas, 1st Grade

Sixth Place- Elizabeth Pinedo, 4th Grade

Seventh Place-Isaiah Pinedo, 2nd Grade

Eighth Place- Angelica Fernandez

Ninth Place (tied)- Emma Aguilar, 4th Grade & Amauri Arambula Kindergarten

Tenth Place (tied)- Nathan Jax Ortiz, 1st Grade & Uriel Rubio 2nd Grade

These students will also be going to Knott's Berry Farm!

Julian Gonzalez, Aaron Berzon, Isabella Matcham, Kaleb Wuertz, David Salas, Elizabeth Pinedo, Isaiah Pinedo, Arayah Robles, Nevaeh Robles- Congratulations!

The following students also qualified for a pizza luncheon off campus which was so much fun! Way to go...

Angelica Fernandez, Emma Aguilar, Amauri Arambula, Nathan Jax Ortiz, Uriel Rubio, Christian Briceno, Kathleen Gonzalez, Emily Gonzalez, Aaron Gonzalez

Thank you to our parents Mr. Briceno, Mr. Gonzalez, and Mr. Arambula for driving and being our chaperones!

Father/Daughter Dance

What a spectacular and lovely evening for our Dads and Daughters! Everyone had such a great time. Thank you to our hard working and dedicated mothers who organized and made this event special for our families. You are loved!-Mrs. Diaz, Mrs. Hoyle, Mrs. Santos, Mrs. Saenz, Mrs. Jimenez, Mrs. Alcazar, Mrs. Bowman, Mrs. Gomez

Here are a few photos of Dads and Daughters...so beautiful!

St. Joseph's Prayer Service

Thank you to all our fathers, grandfathers, and father figures who were able to be a part of our special St. Joseph's Prayer Service. It was a beautiful morning with prayer and reflection. Congratulations to the following students whose essay and/or picture was chosen.

Preschool- Alan Lozano, Sebastian Rodriguez

Kindergarten- Thomas Fair

First Grade- Isabella Ham

Second Grade- Lillyen Morales

Third Grade- Natalia Hoyle

Fourth Grade- Andrew Davila

Fifth Grade- Vianca Terriquez

Sixth Grade- Joshua Sanchez

Seventh Grade- Daniel Herrera

Eighth Grade- Judith Urtijo

Here are a few testimonials...enjoy!

"I love him because he is kind and takes time for me. I know he loves me because he does so much for me."- Lillyen

"He loves us so dearly with all his heart. I do too. I love how he loves us. He is number one!"- Natalia

"Thank you Dad for doing everything to protect and care for me. You have such a big heart and it's made me a better Kool Bro1."- Andrew Davila

"If I had to describe my Dad in one word, it would be BOSS! He is my world and I love him to the moon and back. I am so grateful to have him."- Vianca Terriquez

"Thank you Dad for all your hard work you do for me. You are irreplaceable which means you are unique. I love you and Happy Father's Day."- Joshua

"My father believes in me more than I do in myself. There are not enough words I can say to describe just how important my father is to me, and what a power influence he continues to be."-Daniel

Nite @ the Races, May 12

Nite @ the Races is just around the corner!! We are getting so excited for this annual event. All families should have received the information regarding this event. There is an option form that needs to be returned so the committee can prepare accordingly.

You have a choice of one of the following:

1. Purchase or sell 2 tickets for $65.00 each

2. Obtain 3 prizes valued at $50. each to be given away at the event

3. If you are not attending, submit a payment of $130.

4. Work the event for a minimum of 5 hours.

5. Obtain $150.00 sponsor for a race.

Thank you to our families who have turned in the option form.

Each family also received tickets to purchase or sell for a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas. The ticket stubs and payment are due on Monday April 23.

Your child's room parent will be contacting you soon regarding the class basket for Nite @ the Races. All baskets will be either be used for the Silent Auction or Redemption Prize. If you would like to donate a basket for the this event, please contact your room parent, Mrs. Arias, Mrs. Rodriguez, or Parent Board Officer. Here are the class baskets:

Preschool- Home Depot and Summer Get-Away basket

Kindergarten- Mother's Day basket

First Grade- Camping basket and Car Wash basket

Second Grade- School Supplies basket

Third Grade- Toy's basket

Fourth Grade- Coachella Valley Adventures basket

Fifth Grade- Family Game Night basket

Sixth Grade- Coffee Lovers/Chocolate basket

Seventh Grade- Baking/Slime basket

Eighth Grade- Garden basket

Registration & FACTS re-enrollment

A few weeks ago, registration packets were sent home with each family. Please return your registration form with a deposit as soon as you can, so we can secure a place for your child for the 2018-2019 school year.

Beginning this year, all families will be required to re-enroll online for FACTS Tuition. We will not be enrolling or re-enrolling families on paper. This process will be online. Please login to the link below. This link will also be placed on our school website and sent to families via email.


FACTS is requiring general information as well as bank information. Once you complete this, the school will receive notification that you have re-enrolled in FACTS. The office staff will then set up your withdrawal dates either on the 2nd or 17th of the month per your request and input your family's tuition rate.

The date re-enrollment for FACTS is available is May 1, 2018. Families cannot re-enroll until May 1. Please see below attached brochure from FACTS.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School collects Box Tops! We are asking families and students to clip and turn in Box Tops for Education. Please see the list below of products that have Box Tops. This is a great way to earn money for our school. Your support is appreciated.


*Begin your morning with prayer.

*Read every day to your child.

*Be courteous in the parking lot. Follow the guidelines for the Bliss Ave parking lot and the Staff parking lot. Be patient and observant of others.

*Remind your child to dress in the correct school uniform.

*Stay on top of any balances due such as registration fees and/other fees.

“The Word of God is a light in the darkness: it helps us face our difficulties without fear.”- Pope Francis

Catholic Calendar

Blessed Peter Gonzalez

(d. 1246)

April 14

St. Paul had a conversion experience on the road to Damacus. Many years later, the same proved true for Peter Gonzalez, who triumphantly rode his horse into the Spanish city of Astorga in the 13th century to take up an important post at the cathedral. The animal stumbled and fell, leaving Peter in the mud and onlookers amused.

Humbled, Peter reevaluated his motivations (his bishop-uncle had secured the cathedral post for him) and started down a new path. He became a Dominican priest and proved to be a most effective preacher. He spent much of his time as court chaplain, and attempted to exert positive influence on the behavior of members of the court. After King Ferdinand III and his troops defeated the Moors at Cordoba, Peter was successful in restraining the soldiers from pillaging and persuaded the king to treat the defeated Moors with compassion.

After retiring from the court, Peter devoted the remainder of his life to preaching in northwest Spain. He developed a special mission to Spanish and Portuguese seamen. He is the patron of sailors.

Peter Gonzalez died in 1246 and was beatified in 1741.---from americancatholic.org

What’s Your Catholic I.Q.?

Last Question

The primary or first educators in the faith for children are

b. their parents.

New Question

Jesus' tunic was woven in one piece without any seams, so when he was crucified the soldiers

a. rolled dice to see who would get it.

b. ripped it so everyone would a piece.

c. raffled it off to the highest bidder.

d. gave it to Jesus' mother.

See the next bulletin for the answer!

Prayer Corner

Please pray for:

• Pope Francis

• Most Reverend Bishop Gerald Barnes

• Father Alex, Father Edwin, and all priests in our Diocese

• OLPH School & Parish Community

• World Leaders in all nations

• Those who are ill, depressed or lonely

• Peace among humanity

Our Lady of Perpetual Help pray for us and bless our school
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Ms. Diane Arias

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