Calendar Reminders

DEC. 8- Immaculate Conception-Solemnity (Holy Day of Obligation), Liturgy 8:30 AM

DEC. 8- Third Grade Bake Sale, Recess & After School

DEC. 8- 2nd Parents' Club Meeting in the Parish Hall, 7:00 PM

DEC. 9 - First Annual Christmas Concert, 7:00 PM in the Church

DEC. 12 - Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

DEC. 14 - Preschool Christmas Program, 9:00 AM

DEC. 15 - The Christmas Chronicles; A Christmas Musical (3-8 grade) 7:00 PM Church

DEC. 16 - The Christmas Story-Christmas Pageant (K-2 grade) 11:00 AM at the school

DEC. 16- "Carols and Cocoa", Children's Choir, Bell Choir and Band, 6:00 PM at Renaissance Esmeralda Resort, Indian Wells

DEC. 19-JAN 2- Christmas Vacation, Classes resume Tuesday, January 3rd

Congratulations to the following students who received the following First Trimester Awards! We are so proud of your hard work in accomplishing these expectations. Continue to always do your best----Way to go!

Kindergarten Reading Readiness Award

Ariana Chaparro, Isabelle Fair, Alivia Guo, Isabella Ham, Max Martinez, Jayden Nguyen

Academic Achievement Award

First Grade-Matias Cardenas-Luque, Rebekah Fierro, Lillyen Morales, Eric Nguyen, Erick Oceguera, Isaiah Pinedo, Teagan Steiger

Second Grade-Quinn Crousillac, Kathleen Gonzalez, Isabella Guzman, Victoria Orduno, Roman Rodriguez, Veronika Romero

Academic Honor Roll

Third-Emma Aguilar, Daisy Castro, Daniela Castro, Isabella Duarte, Isaiah Fierro, Elizabeth Pinedo, Liam Steiger, Viviana Terriquez

Fourth-Miranda Aguirre, Christopher Lopez, Adah Burgen, Avery Crousillac, Isabella Rose Diaz, Alexis Domingo, Noeh Flores, Lisa Juarez, Nicolas Magana, Lananh Ninh, Clint Rarela, Camilla Regalado, Vianca Terriquez, Rachel Vu

Fifth-Giovanna Castillo, Vanessa Castro, Nicademus Flores, Nickolas Galvan, Andrew Gonzalez, Sebastian Huerta, Maria Montanez, Tanya Mujica, Isabella Pimentel, Daniel Reed, Nevaeh Robles, Joshua Sanchez, Kaleb Wuertz

Sixth-Jordan Aguilar, Jillian Brown, Jeremy McWay, Alondra Mike, Isabella Reed, Ivan Sanchez

Seventh-Neo Flores, Vy Ninh

Eighth-Audriannah Davila, Abraham Huerta, Anthony Magana

Consistent Effort Award

Kindergarten-Axel Castro, Aaron Berzon, Jesus Martinez, Emily Gonzalez, Anya Borquez, Levy Marquez, Romel Rodriguez

First Grade-Miguel Barraza, Briza Gonzalez, Jacob Lopez, Darrell Mike, Mason Nava, Jojo Ninh, Uriel Rubio

Second Grade-Brandon Domingo, Sadie Galvan, Natalia Hoyle

Third Grade-Maeli Bowman, Frida Andrade, Francisco Aguirre, Isabella King, Ryan Ramirez, Lucas Sear, Samara Serafini, Jayden Zendejas

Fourth Grade-Brissa Barrera, Alex Castellanos, Oscar Ibarra, Lisa Juarez, Matthew Martinez, Isabella Saenz

Fifth Grade-Max Crux, Madelyn Emmett, Josue Diaz, Jacqueline Miller, Alejandro Salomon, Landen Sterling

Sixth Grade-Ricardo Diaz, Richard Rivas, Anna Maria Rivera, Victoria Terriquez

Seventh Grade-Christine Cao, Niko Flores

Eighth Grade-Jazmin Aguilar, Juliana Lopez, Damian Montano, John Paul Valencia

Accelerated Reader Award

First-Rebekah Fierro, Jacob Lopez, Lillyen Morales, Mason Nava, Eric Nguyen, Erick Oceguera, Isaiah Pinedo, Uriel Rubio, Teagan Steiger

Second-Quinn Crousillac, Brandon Domingo, Sadie Galvan, Kathleen Gonzalez, Isabella Guzman, Natalia Hoyle, Zoe Lerma, Victoria Orduno, Roman Rodriguez, Veronika Romero

Third-Francisco Aguirre, Frida Andrade, Maeli Bowman, Daisy Castro, Daniela Castro, Guillermo Delgado, Isabella Duarte, Elizabeth Pinedo, Ryan Ramirez, Camila Ruiz, Liam Steiger, Viviana Terriquez

Fourth-Camilla Regalado, Christopher Lopez, Avery Crousillac

Sixth-Jillian Brown

Seventh-Christine Cao, Vy Ninh, Judith Urtijo

Eighth-Audriannah Davila, Isabella Gil, Juliana Lopez, Anthony Magana, Richard Perea

Student of the Month for November...A Worldwide Citizen

Kindergarten-Emily Gonzalez, Levy Martinez

First Grade-Matias Cardenas-Luque, Ariana Raya

Second Grade-Brianna Vargas, Zoe Lerma

Third Grade-Guillermo Delgado, Victor Farias

Fourth Grade-Vianca Terriquez, Ryan Jernigan

Fifth Grade-Max Cruz, Andrew Gonzalez

Sixth Grade-Daniel Herrera

Seventh Grade-Edgar Flores

Eighth Grade-Richard Perea

Physical Education-Lisa Juarez, Nevaeh Robles, Victor Farias, Julian Farias

Computer Studies-Samara Serafini, Brianna Vargas, Maria Montanez, Nevada Flores

Bishop's Car Raffle

Congratulations to the Velasquez Family from Duarte, California who won the 2016 Ford Mustang! Thank you for your support for Catholic education! All monies raised from this fundraiser will benefit students attending Catholic schools in the Diocese of San Bernardino. Proceeds will also be given to Diocesan endowment fund for scholarships and tuition assistance.

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

All are welcomed to join us this Thursday at our school liturgy at 8:30 AM in honor of Our Blessed Virgin Mary, (A Holy Day of Obligation). If you are unable to attend with the school, here are other times for Mass on December 8th.

7:00 AM Spanish

12:15 PM Bilingual

7:00 PM Bilingual


*The third grade class will be having a bake sale this Thursday during recess and after school. Your support is appreciated.

*Thursday December 8 is our second Parents' Club Meeting which will be held in the parish hall at 7:00 Pm.

*Our parish will have an Advent Penance Service on Friday December 16 at 7:00 pm. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity for confession. All are welcome.

*Begin your morning with prayer.

*Read every day to your child.

*Be courteous in the parking lot. Please park your vehicle and be observant of children.

“Jesus teaches us always to go to the essentials and to take on our own mission with responsibility”- Pope Francis

Parents' Club
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12

OLPH School will have a table in the school lobby for Our Lady of Guadalupe on Monday December 12. Students may bring flowers to place in her honor.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church will have festivities on Sunday December 11 for Our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe. You are invited to celebrate with our parish. Please note the following:

3:15 PM "Procession of the Roses to Mary" with Mariachi Estrella

4:15 PM Bailables Oaxaquenos

8:00-9:00 PM Performance of "Danza Azteca Citlaltonac"

9:00-10:00 PM Ballet Folklorico Sol Del Desierto

10:00 PM-12:00 AM Ricardo Castellanos & Family

12:00-2:00 AM Javier Sarmiento y su Grupo Imperio

4:00-5:00 AM Mananitas with Mariachi Estrella

5:00-6:00 AM Dec 12. Bilingual Mass

6:00-7:00 AM Hospitality in the Parish Hall

Catholic Calendar

The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe

(based on the original account)

Juan Diego, a recent convert to the Catholic faith, was walking to attend the early morning Mass in Mexico City. Passing by Tepeyac Hill he heard the beautiful singing of birds, seemingly from heaven. Looking to see where the celestial music was coming from, he suddenly heard a young woman's voice affectionately calling his name, "Juanito." Reaching the top of the hill, he saw a radiant woman clothed in splendid light - the Ever Virgin Holy Mary, Mother of God. She told Juan that she desired him to be her special messenger to the Bishop of Mexico City. Juan was to tell the bishop that Our Lady wanted a church to be built where she could manifest her Son and hear the petitions of her spiritual children.

After being put off by the bishop's servants, Juan was finally granted an audience with Franciscan Bishop Fray Juan Zumarraga. The bishop didn't initially believe Juan Diego and asked him to return another day. Secretly, the bishop had been invoking the intercession of the Mother of God for help. The Spaniards had recently conquered the native Aztec people and were treating them harshly. Very few were willing to abandon their pagan gods and embrace the religion of their new dictators. All of this weighed heavy on the heart of Bishop Zumarraga, whom history now knows as the "Protector of the Native People." He wondered if Juan Diego's story was the answer to his prayers.

Dejected, Juan returned to Tepeyac and asked Our Lady to use someone else more worthy than himself. She assured him that he was personally chosen to be her ambassador. The next day he returned to plead with the bishop. Though impressed by Juan's persistence, he was still unsure. He sent Juan to tell the Lady he needed a sign in order to know if it was truly her.

Upon hearing the bishop's request, Our Lady told Juan to return the next day and she would give him the sign he needed. Returning home, Juan found his uncle ill and close to death. Instead of returning the next day, Juan stayed home and took care of his ailing uncle. Early on December 12th, Juan rushed to Mexico City in order to get a priest to administer the last rites to his dying uncle. On his way he went around the back of Tepeyac Hill in order to avoid Our Lady whom he knew would surely understand.

But Our Lady meet him anyway telling him not to worry, his uncle was already healed. He was to learn later that at that moment Our Lady had appeared to his uncle, who was restored to health. She urged Juan to go to the top of the hill were he would find flowers miraculously growing. Juan was astonished to see so many vibrant flowers during the frosty time of the year. He cut them and gathered them in his tilma (cloak). Our Lady arranged the flowers with her own hands, rolled up the tilma and ordered Juan not to unfurl his tilma until he was in the presence of the bishop.

After being harassed by the bishop's servants, Juan was finally brought in to see him. After recounting every detail of his conversation with Our Lady, he let down his tilma and the flowers fell to the floor. Juan was surprised when everyone in the room also fell to the floor on their knees. The image of Our Lady had miraculously appeared on Juan's tilma! Repenting for his unbelief with abundant tears, Bishop Juan Zumarraga promised to build the shrine that Our Lady had requested.

Soon the church was built and the holy image transferred. The story spread like wildfire and people began to stream in to see the heavenly image and hear the story from Juan Diego. Many miracles starting happening and in the following years some 10 million were baptized and converted to the Jesus Christ! Pope John Paul II declared Blessed Juan Diego the greatest evangelist of all times.

OLPH Scrip Program

Scrip orders are being accepted in the office. With the holidays around the corner, now is the time to order Scrip, which are gift cards to Target, Walmart, Starbucks, and other vendors. A percentage of Scrip purchase will go back to the school. Thank you to families who have purchased Scrip. You can also order online. If you haven’t registered, please do so. It is fairly simple. Visit the Website www.shopwithscrip.com

Box Tops for Education

OLPH is still active in collecting those pink Box Tops for Education! If you have some at home, don't forget to send to school. Visit the Box Tops for Education website at http://www.boxtops4education.com/earn/clip/Coupons.aspx to print and use some money-saving coupons. Also, if you are an online shopper, check out The Marketplace at this website. Many stores where you shop are part of the Box Tops for Education program and will donate a percentage of your online purchase to our school. Many thanks to those of you who are participating! Last year we raised a little over $800. Let's see if we can exceed this goal!


Advent is a season of preparation. In Advent, we thank God for Christ's first coming, prepare for his final coming at the end of time, and celebrate Christ's presence among us today through the Spirit. God loved us and wanted to share that love. But this existence isn't well-suited for a god; it's too broken, evil, painful, unjust. So, to rescue the created world from this evil, God chose to come here and walk the earth, to grow up, to live the truth, and to die. The only way to start such a thing is as a baby, and the only way to be a baby is to be born. Hence Christmas. Because Christmas is centered in the new hope brought by a baby, it's a very child-oriented holiday. Because Advent leads us up to that baby, Advent is also child-oriented.

We invite all families to share in the Spirit of Christmas with one another by sharing and reflecting in the Season of Advent. Remember, Advent is a preparation, and the best way to start preparing is with a thankful heart.

What’s Your Catholic I.Q.?

This Week’s Question

The Immaculate Conception

a. means that Mary was preserved from sin from the moment of her conception in her mother’s womb.

b. means that Mary conceived Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit.

c. was proclaimed in the year 1215 AD.

d. none of these.

See next bulletin for the answer!

Answer to last question

The holy oil used for Confirmation is called

c. chrism.


Prayer Corner

Please pray for:

• Pope Francis

• Most Reverend Bishop Gerald Barnes

• Father Alex, Father Kien, Father John

• OLPH School & Parish Community

• World Leaders in all nations

• Those who are ill, homeless, hungry, lonely and depressed

• For Father Juan Olloqui Martinez, Uncle of Mr. & Mrs. Aceves

• Violence and Injustice

• Peace among humanity

Our Lady of Perpetual Help pray for us and bless our school
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