Minho My name is minho and i have been in the glade for 3 years (the longest) Im a runner so i Run in the maze.


Today i got trapped in The Maze over night with Thomas and Alby. So i was in the Maze running with Alby and he got stung by a Griever. I was carrying him back before the doors closed. I was near the doors while they were closing and i knew i wasn't going to make it in time. Then right before the doors closed i saw Thomas run through the doors. The doors were closed and we were stuck. So I said to Thomas, " Congratulations you killed yourself." I knew that we were going to die because no one has survived a night in the Maze. We were trying to find a place to put Alby because we knew there would be Grievers. We find these vines so we wrapped it around him and pull the vine down so he would go up. Then a Griever came and I ran and left Thomas and Alby. I was running and after a while I met up with Thomas and we got Alby. Then the night past and we ran to the doors right after they opened and we actually survived the night.



Being in shape

Know most things about the Glade


If you want to change your body, exercise. If you want to change your life, become a runner.


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