Welcome Keynote

Join us in the main livestream room, The Learning Lobby.

9:30- 10:00 am ET: Doors Open

Pre-party: Get your creative on! Join this special opportunity to connect, celebrate, and pre-party with the Adobe for Education team and fellow attendees before the Summit.

10:00- 11:00 am ET: Welcome

Welcome! Join the Adobe for Education team as we explore the value of creativity in the teaching and learning process. You'll hear how digital literacy is helping to foster deeper learning in students, make change in communities, and prepare students for successful careers and citizens of the future.

11:00- 11:30 am ET: Keynote

DEFINE: Fostering Creativity in and Beyond the Classroom in a Post-pandemic World. You'll hear from Clara Galan of the Adobe for Education team with guest speaker Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang.


11:30am- 12:30pm ET

Select one workshop from agenda below:

All sessions will be recorded and available for all registered attendees after the live presentations.

  • Discover The Creative Teacher In You with Lisa Highfill, Sarah Landis, Nyree Clark
  • HyperDocs: Building Secondary Digital lessons for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Kelly Hilton, Jenna Hewitt King , Nadia Razi
  • Design for Empowerment with Camilo Montenegro
  • Community Connections: The Importance of a PLN in a Post-Pandemic World with Clara Galan
  • 10 great ways to explore and learn on the Adobe Education Exchange with Dr. Magdalena Gross
  • Adobe Apps for Beginners: Visual Storytelling for Any Subject with Tanya Avrith, Mary Cherng, Tiffany Lee
  • App Smashing using Adobe Creative Cloud and Spark with Elana Congress, Jenna James, Emily Chesbrough
  • New Research in Digital Reading: Personalized Formatting Improves Literacy with Rick Treitman, Shelley Rodrigo, Shaun Wallace, Susanne Nobles
  • For IT Administrators: PROVISION - So many licenses! Learn how to provision Creative Cloud with Dan Armstrong, Sayali Kasture, Brian Nickila, Kristina Payne
12:30- 12:45pm ET: 15-minute break and chance to tweet your learnings from the Summit with #AdobeEduCreative!

Create Keynote

12:45- 1:15pm ET: Keynote

Join us in the main room, The Learning Lobby.

CREATE: Fostering Creativity In The Classroom. Are you a creative educator? Are you looking for ideas to support your students with their creative pursuits? We'll discuss ways to foster creativity in the classroom with simple and accessible approaches with Levent Erdoğan.

1:15- 2:00pm ET: Lunch and Learn!

Join the Interactive Lunch Remixable Hot Air Balloon Demo! We'll munch lunch and launch our learning on how to create cool graphics with David Hotler and Clara Galan.

2:00- 3:20pm ET: Workshops

Select one workshop from menu below:

  • Creative Assessments that Reach All Learners with HyperDocs shared by Kelly Hilton
  • Digital Lessons that Spark Creativity for Students with Lisa Highfill
  • ACE Level 1: Earn your Adobe Creative Educator Level 1 Badge with Rebecca Hare
  • Reimagining the future of creativity...together! with Georgina Dean
  • Add a Social Spark to Your Classroom Projects with Jeni Long, Sallee Clark
  • Remix that HyperDoc: Teachers as Designers, Not Assigners with Sarah Landis
  • Stanford d.school: Designing with Education Fellows shared by Ariam Mogos and Jessica Brown
  • For IT Administrators: DEPLOY - It’s all about access! with Dan Armstrong, Jenna James, Rick Kennedy
3:20- 3:30pm ET: 10-minute break and chance to tweet your learnings from the Summit with #AdobeEduCreative!

Reflect Keynote

3:00- 4:00pm ET: Reflect

Join us in the main room, The Learning Lobby.

REFLECT: Remembering What Truly Matters As Teachers We'll reflect on the obstacles of this past year and be reminded of what is truly at the core of being a teacher. Join Nicholas Ferroni and Clara Galan to reflect on how teaching is, and will always be, about establishing connections to students.

4:00- 4:30 pm ET: Workshops

Select one workshop from menu below:

  • Lesson Design Through the Eyes of Our Students with Kelly Hilton, Sarah Landis
  • Learning Gains- Reflections from Teaching and Learning in a Pandemic with Lisa Highfill
  • Teach Creativity with Adobe, Khan Academy, and Pixar in a Box with Dr. Brian Johnsrud
  • DEI Panel: Cultivating Creativity for All with Knikole Taylor, Claudio Zavala, Jennifer Leban, Al Thomas, Andrea Cook
  • Preparing Students for a Changing World with Tacy Trowbridge
  • Social-Emotional Learning in a Digital World: Nurturing Student Digital Citizens with Merve Lapus
  • 3 Ways to Use Podcasts in Your Lesson Design with Monica Brady-Myerov
  • For IT Administrators: USE - You’ve got Creative Cloud—now what? with Tom Macildowie and Ben Forta

Closing Celebration

4:30 - 5:00pm ET

Join us in the main room, The Learning Lobby.

Celebrate creativity with your global community of creative educators and preview the Summit agenda for July 29, 2021.

Your registration will automatically include access to both days of the July 28-29 free virtual Summit. No need to register for each day separately.


July 29

9:30 am ET: Doors Open Pre-Party!

Join us in the main room, The Learning Lobby.

9:30- 10:30 am ET: Ignite Keynote

IGNITE Your Teaching and Learning Practice with insights from Stephanie Howell, Dan Ryder, Tim Needles, Al Thomas, Kamal Preet, Michael Hernandez, and Michael Cohen.

10:30- 11:00am ET

Global Perspectives of Creativity in Education with Clara Galan, Tanya Avrith, Dominic Traynor, Garima Babbar, and Dr. Tim Kitchen.


July 29

11:00am- 11:45am ET

Select one product spotlight from the agenda:

  • Adobe Fresco with Brooke Hopper and Elisa
  • Adobe Spark with Jenna James and Tanya Avrith
  • Adobe XD with Tara Knight
  • Adobe Illustrator with Rebecca Hare
  • Adobe Character Animator with Emmalee Pearson
  • Photoshop with Dan Armstrong


12:00- 3:00pm ET

Choose Your Challenge! Select a challenge or workspace to roll up your sleeves and build on your learning alongside fellow educators.

Select one build session from the agenda:

  • Exploration: Start with Explore - Building Curiosity to Spark Learning
  • Application: Using the Four C’s to Show What You Know
  • Design and Packaging: Create and Curate HyperDocs for Engaging Learning
  • Level Up: Evaluating Layers of Learning
  • Breakout Workspace: Q & A for Adobe
  • Breakout Workspace: Work Solo Quiet Room


2:00- 2:30pm ET

Join us in the main room, The Learning Lobby.

We'll hear announcements on Creative Educator Level 2 and Adobe Education Exchange courses with Clara Galan.

2:30- 4:00pm ET

Roundtable Breakouts: Join the conversation! You'll have opportunity to connect with fellow educators for inspired discussion and share ideas with expert education leaders.

  • 2:30- 3:00pm ET Roundtable Breakout 1
  • 3:00- 3:30pm ET Roundtable Breakout 2
  • 3:30- 4:00pm ET Roundtable Breakout 3

Attendees will receive a certificate for up to 6 hours of professional development learning per day after completion of sessions and workshop projects. Certificates will be issued after conclusion of the Summit according to hours accrued through sessions.

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