Introduce the concept of International HRM

Q1. What should the employee have done differently?

  • The employee should do some research about the arabic country study (political environment, working environment and policy)
  • To develop her personal training (Language & Technique)

Q2. What should HR have done to help?

  • The HR department should provide training to their employee by sending local representative from her home country to follow her abroad.

Q3. What policies, steps, and practices should have been in place to inform, educate and assist the employee before accepting the position?

  • Before the employee accept the position, she needs to enquire about the contract details, incentives, bonuses, legal system of government structure and to ask about the language training because she has appointed to a country that doesn't speak english.

Q4. In your view, was this the right kind of appointment for her? If not, why not? If yes, what kind of ongoing support and practices could the parent organisation have put in place to assist the employee and make the assignment a success?

-It is not a right kind of appointment for this employee for several reasons:

  1. Language barriers
  2. Lack of knowledge of the country
  3. Lack of foreign working experience
  4. Family issues (husband and child)

Reference: Beardwell, I., and Claydon T (2007) Human Resource Management: a contemporary approach. Financial Times Prentice Hall.


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