Car Modeling? By: Aleksandr Chizh


Aleksandr Grigoriy Chizh was born on January 8th, 2002 at 12:37 pm in Burien, King County, Washington. He had many interests growing up and stuck to some of them for a couple years, or maybe months. Even today he has an idea of what he wants to do and isn't sure if he wants to sell cars as a job and maybe eventually open up his own used car dealership. The idea of selling used cars came from fixing cars with his dad from 3rd-9th grades and selling them. He really enjoys doing it but his dad thinks that he will not be able to do that and become really successful.

Through his life, Aleksandr has moved around a lot. After being born, his family had moved to Missouri for only a couple months and then decided to move up to Ramsey Minnesota where they had had some friends living. His family had stayed there until the summer after Aleksandr had turned 6 and came to Vancouver, Washington. They have lived there the remainder of his life starting from 1st grade at Endeavour Elementary to 9th grade at HeLa High School. During those 9 years they have moved 4 times and finally think they may have found the house they will stay in.

Aleksandr’s parents didn’t grow up in America. His dad was born in Vyrka, Rivnens'ka Oblast, Ukraine, and moved to Bataysk, Rostov Oblast, Russia at age 12 and met my mom there when he was 23 and my mom was 19 and after some time married and moved to Federal Way, Washington, and lived in that area until Aleksandr was born. Because his parents didn’t know much English when moving to the USA, he spoke russian at home growing up and now speaks Russian fluently and understands Ukrainian but can’t really speak it.

Aleksandr’s interests don’t really match up with his parents’ interests. His mom does accounting and his dad fixes computers and does technical things, Aleksandr may have a little interest in accounting but not as much as he does with cars and dreams of opening up his own used car dealership someday.

Rule Of Thirds
Fill The Frame
Leading Line & Horizontal Line
Eye Line & Black n' White
Texture & Side Lighting
Vertical Line & Color Psychology

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