DTC #17: The Breakfast Academy Scope the sites, grab some bites but don't start no fights.





Snap that perfect shot atop LAs oldest park.

Soak in some artistic clues and city views pre-breakfast.

Share shoulders with the city’s finest while downing some diner eats.

Angel’s Point statue was constructed to commemorate Frank Glass and Grace E. Simons. Both credited with saving the land from multiple types of developments including an airport and convention center.
Stop 1

Do it for the Gram

• 1 hr before brunch •

A morning cruise zooming up the winding roads through Los Angeles’ oldest park is where your morning begins. Climbing to the highest point in the park you’ll squeeze into a spot on the side of Angel's Point Road, your final destination: The “Secret Elysian Swing” overlooking the Elysian Valley. You’ll creep up the short hill to your photo worthy location, hopefully without any Instagram husbands hogging the goods. When you’ve taken all your perfect angels descend to a site that’s seen better times.

Option: You can do this date by way of a hike. It is a 2.8 mile, 1.5 hour loop that is pretty cool but isn’t exactly the most beautiful or concise route. A breakdown of the hike can be found here. Just make sure you add in Stop 3. Enjoy!

Stop 2


• 20 min. before brunch •

Continue down Angel's Point Road to none other than…Angel’s Point. Leave your car above the park and stroll over to the massive structure by artist Peter Shire. A comical representation of the cityscape off in the distance and the natural surroundings of LA. Build your appetite after taking a few photos and commenting about the terrible graffiti that's plagued the sculpture. Don't worry you can bring your complaints to the table next to you at brunch.

Stop 3

Join the academy

• When you're ready to eat •

During the week: You’ll eventually enter into the world of the LA Police Academy, most likely a little confused. Are you allowed to be there? Am I going to get arrested? No but I wouldn’t mess around either. Passing the front guard tower to the right you’ll travel up the red stairs to the Academy Café formerly the Los Angeles Police Revolver & Athletic Club Café. A haunt that’s fed every boy in blue for decades has history covering every foot of every wall. Grab a hearty The Force Breakfast or 10-4 Sandwich while sharing the counter with officers past and present. Who knows maybe you’ll make a new friend.

During the weekend: Hop in your car and coast down past the entrance to Dodgers Stadium to the beloved neighborhood joint The Park. Sitting on the patio you’ll enjoy a beautiful and healthy breakfast without the hassle of the ridiculous LA crowds.


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