Golden Letters, Sacred Scribe From the Quest of yeshua lucis - into the mythica

AUGUST 12TH, 2016

I left Crestone in May 2016 with Peter Fae, and we traveled through the realms in my initiation as an author for Into the Mythica. Once again I return to the lands of Colorado to play at the Tribal Vision festival, after a journey in the high deserts and red woods of California...a flight I did take, leaving the isolated EarthStar of Idyllwild behind, to once again be with the people after facing much within.

I head to the airport after encountering him at the Waterlilly Cafe, where he described to me the journey across the Rainbow Bridge, the movement through the realms of the Mythica as we shift our vibration. Soon after, I pass through a place called the Rainbow Bridge cafe before heading to the airport.

Awakening on a beach near the City of Angels that is Los Angelos, I breath in the fresh cool air coming from the ocean and connect with its elements...expansion follows, and I invoke a clearing...

It is amazing to feel vibrant and alive, and to be in a new space of expansion and trust. It is a sign of transformation and a new mode of being to be here on the beach invoking connection to the Earth and activily affirming the abundance all around and within. I witness the techniques of Manifestation and Surrender to God's Plan bearing fruit in my experience.

My guides, Eyelove and Jenna - lovely beings, playful and full of health and vibrancy, always offering healing herbs and organic food.

My allies on the path Eyelove and Jenna truly embody the youth of new era. They are kind, simple and close to the earth, and always are sharing vibrant foods, healing herbs and speaking from the heart. Eyelove inspired us into saving food from dumpsters and feeding all walks of life. Jenna would make elixirs and share stories of synchronicity. Taking a moment to appreciate these beings is precious.

For we truly are all reflections. I know now that I met them through our shared resonance, as we are living in the Sacred Mirror. They reflected qualities to me of my Self and awakened further understanding of our shared Dharma, our shared Destiny; to bring awakening, health and the beauty way back into existence through our embodiment.

They take me to the airport, and I arrive in perfect timing...boarding just the minute before the gates close.

Wings of Eden, One Portal to Another

It is truly auspicious and an affirmation of the Divine Plan, of being Aligned with Grace, to board the plane in perfect timing.

I reflect...For so long I was aggravated by the human condition, and could not accept or understand the unconsciousness all around me. The human condition seemed pointless...

Yet through miracles and serendipity I was called to a path of Redemption, and was awakened as a harbinger of change. It became my responsibility to clear the distortions of humanity in my Self, and heal it from the inside out. Forgiveness came to the forefront in the realms of Earthstar and Idyllwild, releasing much frustration and allowing in a new light of Love.

I know now more of my Destiny, after much honing with Peter Fae and the Sacred Land, and all the beautiful reflections I met in this Sacred Mirror of Life. I learned of true magic, and a new word will rule the day, as I travel deeper into the Mythica...

I take time to consult my Tarot deck for guidance. The son of Water represents sensuality and drawing from the well spring of life, the father of Air represents determination, courage and clarity, six of water represents pleasure and enjoyment, and the nine of Earth represents accumulation and all efforts bearing fruit. Quite an auspicious reading...

Gateways to a New Earth

Arriving to Denver

I have been anticipating this, and excitement fills the air. In a short time I will be reunited with Lindsay Semilla, a djedi priestess and architect of the New Earth.

Lindsay helped me to awakened me to deeper states of realization around Redeemed Community and the immerging New Earth before I left for California in the wide sweeping valley of Crestone. She fascilitated deep insight through the art of Witnessing and Mirroring. Through her deep listening it opened up an entire realm of understanding of my path and what led me to redeemed community. She reaffirmed my own visions.

She pulls up in her car and we enter the Highways. I am wearing a shirt depicting the Egyptian Sun God Ra with the Eye of Horus and two pyramids, a theme that would play itself out during our stay...

Lindsay Semilla - Sphere Foundation

It is a truly epic reunion, and I feel an easement in her presence. We pick up right where we left off, mirroring aspects of community and personal evolution.

My heart soars with Love in the presence of Lindsay, and over our stay together I experience new vistas of expansion and bliss, along with a deeper understanding of what I am on Earth to do...We each contain different pieces to a puzzle of an epic story, of how we are all connected.

We arrive to Lindsay's Sanctuary. It is a haven from the harsh vibrations of the city.

Organic gardens flourish here.

Art reflecting her consciousness adorns the walls, the whole space is set with altars and crystals, and sage smells fresh in the air.

Here again appears the merkaba again. This art crafted by Lindsay Semilla first appeared to me when she gifted me a sticker of its print after a powerful sweat lodge in Crestone, where we first encountered each other.

The energy of the Goddess and the Deva (nature spirits) are thick here. It is a blessing to be in such a nourishing space.

Such is the Art of Arriving and Witnessing, of not having planned it out or knowing what would be. Only I felt the textures within my Self of what would come...This is the essence of shifting realms. For this is a place that is a reflection of my Self. We are garbed in the textures of the world that surrounds us, yet it is made of the textures we are, and as we cleanse our Selves and get in touch with our truest essence, we seemlessly come into contact with the reflection that matches that.

This is the embodiment of Lindsay and the Sanctuary. That the healing that I have done and the manifestation work bears fruit in my experience. Being here comes to me like a reward.

Upon further reflection I find that this is a key moment in my life, where I gain a depth of understanding around the nature of manifestation...

Lindsay invites me to come to one of her favorite places. With excitement I accept...

First we stop at a garden center where I witness this sculptural iteration of a Deva...

I am led to an Apothecary in the side streets of Denver where I encounter many sacred objects of the New Paradigm. Oils, herbs, crystals and altar pieces line the walls and tables. Lindsay brings me here to craft a special oil for the journey that lies ahead of me.

The Egyptian Gods present themselves again, with Ra, the sun god, in the center, Isis on the right, Hathor in the back right, and Thoth on the left...

I am led to an alchemist that specially blends the precious oil based on my intention for confidence and protection.

Dragons blood and other precious oils are combined by the Alchemist at the counter, and she asks me for a name.

I look at Lindsay and smile "Just Trust". As there was a pin she gifted me with the phrase Just Trust inscribed on it that I kept with me my entire Journey, as it constantly reminded me to trust in the divine unfoldment.

I encounter a book called "How to See Faeries", which is a magickal guidebook of cryptic poems leading one deeper into the mystery of perception.

Lindsay’s aspect as a rainbow bridge gradually reveals itself, the nuances of which aren’t fully recognized by me for some time to come...


Further rainbow bridge magic.

Lindsay brings me to a beacon of consciousness in the streets of Denver, to a mural that she painted depicting the seed of New Earth and the Tree of Life being tended to by the children of a heart centered community. The 12 pointed star envelopes the Earth, a sign that permeates Lindsay's field.

It is beautiful to see this Art to bless the streets, laid over graffiti. It is a sign of wonder, that I am entering deeper into the Mythica where I connect with the conscious communities and beings that are ambassadors of the redemption and the codes of the New Earth. This art affirms my own visions, proving yet again that We Are All Connected.

Before I go to tribal vision I must find a set of strings...I look online for a guitar store and am led here, a few blocks from the sanctuary. It appears that no one is here, yet as I am about to leave I encounter a man who has a little repair shop in the back. He gifts me the strings I need...such is the synchrony, the grand orchestration.

Through visions and dreams Lindsay and I both witness myself scribing in golden letters the words of the New Story for Humanity. I discover that I am here to write the story of the New Earth. A new 'Bible'...through the divination of the Mythica and sharing of the story of the emmergent paradigm through my own experience...

I prepare for my performanance at Tribal Vision, the mystery and magic of what is to come...

The Quest Continues. Visit Into the Mythica to read more, or if you are already on my timeline close out to continue reading the Seed Within by Yeshua Lucis.

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