What I learned in the Revolutionary war CHARLIE MOORE

This is a picture of the French and Indian war.

In the 1750's the British and the French had colonies in the North America. The British wanted to settle in the Ohio River Valley area.They also wanted to trade with that Native Americans that lived there. The French built these forts to protect their trade with the Indians. IN 1754 Gorge Washington Led his army to fight against the French. In the end the British won the whole war.

This is a picture of the people harvesting the sugar.

This is known as the sugar act.The Sugar Act was a law passed y the British Parliament in 1764. T His was raising duties of the foreign refined sugar imported by the colonies. So they could give it to the British sugar growers in the west Indies.

This is a picture of the town shed act.

This act was passed by the English Parliament right after the repeal of the stamp act. They were designed to collect revenue from the colonist. they were going this by putting customs duties on imports of glass, lead, paper, paints, and tea. This happened on 6/29/1776.

The stamp act.

The tamp act was passed by the English parliament on March, 22, 1765. The new tax was imposed on all of the American colonist. They were required to pay a tax of every piece of paper they used.

The Boston Massacre.

A Group of soldiers came to support a problem. Three people were killed immideatally and 2 died later of their wounds. among the victims of a Crisps attracts a man of black or Indian percentage. The British officer that was in charge, captain Thomas Preston, was arrested for manslaughter. The other 8 with him got arrested to.

The battle of Lexington and concord.

The Americans had won the battle for this. The Americans had 3,500 troops and roughly worded and or killed 250 red coats. The British had about 2.000 troops. The red coats had killed about 90 of the Americans. Now the full scale of the independence war had broke out.

The battel of the Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill was faught on June 17 1775. This took place inthe early stages of the American Revolunitarty war. The victory goes to the British.

The Quebec battel.

The battel of Qubecc was ought on December 31 1775. The americans lost heavly. The british captured 431 people.

1 outcome

The treats of paris was sighned in Paris, France on September 3rd. This offically ened the Revolutinary war. It also gave the colonies their independence from great brittian.

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